Direct Mail Marketing That’s Got Your Back!

Before the holidays sneak up on you and overtake your schedule, check out the new direct mail packages you can rely on for increasing your print customer base!

Take comfort in knowing that someone has your back this season and is ready to make your life run smoothly (at least in one area).

Take a peek at the themes and content for the upcoming December issues and get your favorite offerings downloaded today.

National Direct Mail

It’s the marketing staples that keep businesses running, and this month, it is a push to get your print buyers ready for the new year ahead.

Holiday sales are upon us. Remind your customers to get their print inventory stocked up with the December issue of National Direct Mail.

And, remember, National Direct Mail is the perfect marketing mailer to expand your audience. There are no zip code restrictions, and you can take advantage of the included social media and email marketing content. Go for it and bring home a ton of new customers!

Printer’s Press

It’s time to let your customer orders take flight with the December issue of Printer’s Press emphasis on flyers (available now!).

This compact newsletter is the perfect size to get quick tips into your customers’ hands.

Help print buyers think of you for their printing needs with an entertaining package that highlights what you do best: print. With coupons and marketing tips that your customers will find useful, how can you not take advantage of this number-one-selling direct mail newsletter for over 30 years?

Business Forum

Did you know the Business Forum newsletter is the perfect solution for reaching your business to business (B2B) customers?

Just like a holiday buffet with so many yummy items to choose from, Business Forum is packed with bite-sized pieces of both print and business advice, showcasing your knowledge of everything from important business ideas to entertaining tidbits.

A couple of the printing themes highlighted in the December issue of Business Forum are understanding images in the printing process and which finishes to consider. Learn more by downloading samples below.

Coffee Break

Coffee Break brings the smiles the world is in desperate need of. This short, cute newsletter is a ton of fun, entertaining your customers with laugh-out-loud jokes and quips like this:

  • What do you get when you cross a woodpecker with a carrier pigeon? A bird that knocks on the door and delivers the mail.
  • I used to be in a band called The Hinges …We opened for The Doors!
  • A sweater is a garment worn by a child when his mother feels chilly.


The flexibility of FastStart makes it the perfect choice every month for your direct mail marketing needs. Whether you want to print up a full mailer or just use a postcard, FastStart includes both every month.

December’s theme inspires your audience to finish strong, focusing on bindery and special finishing options that will motivate your print buyers. Get your ready-to-print files today with all of the fine details already taken care of for you.

Local Edge

Local Edge is the perfect-sized postcard to build your print customer base. This quick and easy mailer will grab your customers’ attention and inspire new and repeat local business.

December’s Local Edge reminds customers that you are a part of their community. Keeping business local helps the whole community thrive. Give yourself an edge over outside firms and help customers remember to keep their printing local.

Sales and Marketing White Papers

“Driver Exponential Growth – Through Omnichannel Marketing” is the latest white paper available to you for expanding your customer-focused content resources. Inside, customers will learn how omnichannel marketing is one of the best tools to tie all of their efforts together to build stronger sales and opportunities.

Offering this web-resource to customers is as easy as a download. It’s ready to go and the perfect option for your customer capture efforts, sign-up rewards, or a hundred other ways to use it to full advantage. Get started today!

Ideas Collection

Less is more, and designing with simplicity in mind is not always intuitive.

How do you inspire your customers to think about a design focus when they want to pack in as much content as possible into spaces that really can’t hold it!

This month’s Ideas Collection tip, available on all websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers or via WordPress Plugin,  is a perfect guide for simplifying the amount of information people try to stuff into their marketing pieces, with four easy tips to “Avoid the Temptation to Over-Design.”

Your Support Team

You are continually looking out for your customers, giving them advice and tips to get better results with their print pieces.

Well, you also have someone looking out for you, offering easily downloadable packages to take the “think” time out of your own marketing.

You can count on these resources being here when you need them every month. Let us help you get started today.