Are You a B2B-Focused Print Company? If So, You Need This!

Printers who focus on business to business (B2B) print sales are smart cookies.

So smart, in fact, that these printers build and sculpt their websites in ways to cater to their niche market specifically. They offer add-ons to their buyers, such as Reorder Forms Library, uDesignIt, and Private Label Websites, to create superhighways between their print website and their print buyers’ websites.

And yet, some of these same printers are missing out on one of the most important aspects of creating business to business sales: relationships. Neglecting to build one-on-one, individual relationships with your business customers can be one of the biggest pitfalls in your marketing strategy.

But, thankfully, there’s a simple solution for how you can better step up your B2B marketing game: the Business Forum direct mail monthly newsletter.

3 Ways Business Forum Can Help You Step Up Your B2B Marketing Strategy

1. Business Forum puts relationships front and center

Business will always follow relationships.

The people in those larger businesses you’re trying to reach will only buy printing from printers they know, like, and trust. Is that you? Would your business qualify?

When you take the time to supply business, life, and real-print solutions every month through compelling content, it not only shines an enormous spotlight on your professionalism, but it also puts you in the position to be a go-to resource for all things print-related.

“Business Forum is perfect for our business clients as it’s informative and has great content with a more professional feel.” 

2. Business Forum shows what you’re made of

If you want to reach the big-business professionals for those larger-run jobs and steady, repeat business, you have to be able to show that you can relate to their business world.

While other direct mail packages, such as Coffee Break and Printer’s Press, have their place with light-hearted and more fun content, Business Forum is packed with long(er)-form articles that go deeper, cover more current and business-related issues, give useful advice, and most importantly, remind customers of the limitless printing possibilities you can provide their business.

“The Business Forum makes us look serious and mature, and we got lots of compliments when we switched to it from Printer’s Press. Not only is it a useful way to keep our Heidelberg GTO in tune by running the same job every month, but it also makes us look much smarter and better than our competitors who don’t mail Business Forum.” – Craig Vestal of Portage Printing in Portage, Michigan.

3. Business Forum is what your audience is looking for

Just as you are on the lookout for ways to reach your audience and be relevant to them, your business customers are looking to do the same, and you can be their solution.

With Business Forum, each month you get to provide fresh ideas that your customers will love to read without actually having to do any writing or design work yourself. Clients will have something to look forward to receiving every month with a variety of small business articles they can relate to, such as:

  • Business tips
  • The Art of Family
  • At the Office
  • Working Together
  • Customer Care
  • The Print Advantage
  • Business Book Review
  • Favorite Business Apps
  • and more!

If you want readers to spend time with your materials, put your quality printing into their hands every month.

“We use Business Forum every month and really enjoy it. We send it out to roughly 180 of our business clients, including multiple copies to some of our biggest customers. Oftentimes, we even have businesses ask us to be added to our mailing list for Business Forum.” – Jim Hess of Citywide Printing in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Ready, Set, Go!

When you’re looking to increase your business to business sales, Business Forum is a no-brainer.

You don’t have to spend time designing or copywriting, and you get to continually nurture the types of business relationships you want to increase your sales.

It’s time to show your clients that you understand not just their printing needs, but their business needs as well.