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Position yourself as a thought leader on marketing

White papers can be a powerful selling tool for you! With topics that are important to you and your customers, these white papers will position you as a thought leader in marketing and bring your name to mind when your customers have questions.

White papers are a terrific way to:

  • Build credibility with print-buyers online.
  • Encourage repeat visitors and link-backs to your website.
  • Generate tweets, likes, and other social cues.
  • Establish your expertise as a partner for marketing success.
  • Gain referrals from customers interested in what you have to say.

Check out this blog for more ways white papers help you sell more printing!

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Now, letting your customers know about your latest white paper is even easier! When you subscribe to White Paper Content, you also receive a promotional blog with each white paper, as well as an image you can use to promote it – all at no additional cost to you!


Each quarter, we’ll provide you with white paper content covering a fresh, new topic, written, designed, and branded to your printing firm. New white papers will appear automatically on your website, meaning all you have to do is let your customers know about them!

Download a PDF sample of the white paper “Quick Guide to Killer Headlines”

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