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Sharp marketing can put the wind at your back! Here’s a preview of the content geared at giving your business growing momentum this month:

Printer’s Press

Want to keep your print products in the limelight this month?

Printer’s Press lights up the night featuring outdoor evening entertaining, Kit Kat’s chunky chocolate direct mail teaser, an “American Riviera,” Big Sur spotlight, and attention-grabbing table tent promotions.

Coach your clients on these easy “pop-up promos” for trade shows, meetings, luncheons, and more in the June issue now available for download.

Business Forum

Repetition brings recognition.

Give your name staying power with this month’s Business Forum, offering four tips for successful direct-mail campaigns, strategies for dealing with office interruptions, guidance for avoiding the “Summertime Slump,” and life skills for cultivating independence in kids.

The June issue offers app spotlights, a “Magnetic Marketing” book review, and ideas for custom corporate notes like greeting, welcome, and thank you cards.

Local Edge

When school is out, schedules get crazy. Offer your clients a stress-free shortcut with the content from this month’s Local Edge:

Specializing in Impossible Deadlines. Why burden yourself with time-consuming details or impossible deadlines? From concept to completion, we can design and manage every detail of your print project on time, every time. Order it and forget about it, so you can focus on things that really matter. Because some of the best memories are made in flip-flops.” 

Coffee Break

In its usual splash of sass, Coffee Break highlights the unexpected with quips like these:

  • “Q. What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? A. Finding half a worm.”
  • “My grandpa started walking five miles a day when he was 60 years old. Now he’s 97 years old, and we have no idea where he is.”

The unexpected can be fun! Remind people that your team of printing professionals can make their next big idea shine brightly.


Everyone has a story. It’s time to tell it with style!

The newest issue of the FastStart package encourages your clients to share personable, information-rich content through vivid, professional newsletters:

“What can a newsletter do for you? Newsletters create a coherent, friendly tone to engage clients in thoughtful way. Use newsletters to showcase your skills, share industry expertise, and to increase buy-in from your prospects. Feature success stories, answer questions, and build a top-of-mind presence so customers turn to you FIRST before they look elsewhere!”

White Paper: Four Steps for Developing a Self-Guided Sales Funnel

As a map is to a road trip as a sales funnel is to a guide for the journey you want your customers to take.

A sales funnel is the entire sales process you use to convert prospects to paying customers, including all the marketing, advertising, and communicating you do in the process. Sales funnels can be easy to create, launch, and measure.

Subscribers to the White Paper Content provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers will showcase expertise when they offer their print buyers keys for directing customer journeys, building a funnel from start to finish, and bringing sales funnels to life with over 60 content ideas to connect with clients at each stage.

Ideas Collection

In life, some things are fleeting, but others just keep coming back.

In business, we have a substantial impact on the “coming back” of our patrons. Effective entrepreneurs know that the key to maximizing customer value is by growing retention and increasing repeat business.

Teach your customers to keep people curious through front and back end marketing tactics. Featuring newsletters, printed business cards, and strategic customer referral forms, this month’s marketing tip, featured on all websites provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, will help your patrons make themselves more magnetically appealing to new and existing clients.

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