No More Double-Entry!

We’ve heard over and over again about the challenges printers face when they receive an order online and then need to re-enter the same information into their print management information systems (Print MIS). Copy-paste makes the job easier, of course, but who wants to sit around copying and pasting all day when you could be spending that time working and selling more printing?

Odyssey Changes Everything!

“Odyssey” is the new Print MIS we’ll be revealing at Graph Expo, and Odyssey changes everything! Odyssey powers not only the Print MIS but also the order forms on your website. Any information your customers provide when they place an order on your website instantly and seamlessly becomes data in Odyssey. With Odyssey, your website is your MIS, and that means no more double entry!

When your website and your Print MIS are two different systems, online print orders look like this:


But when Odyssey eliminates double entry by keeping all of your data in the same system, the process flows smoothly, like a peaceful stream, like this:



Six touchpoints are reduced to TWO! Not only is double entry eliminated, the whole workflow is streamlined, communication with your customer is more efficient, and you get more done in less time.

Odyssey at Graph Expo

Join us as we’ll be presenting Odyssey at Graph Expo (September 25-28, 2016) in booth 1979. The booth number may have you thinking retro, but Odyssey will welcome you to the future.