New Print MIS Reinvents Print Management and Ends the Double-Entry Dilemma

All-in-one Print MIS, Web-2-Print and Marketing solution changes the way printers do business.

ORLANDO, FL, Sept. 25 – There was a time when taking print orders over the web meant re-entering that information into the Print MIS (management information system) and added time and errors to a printer’s day. Today, Marketing Ideas for Printers (MI4P) announced the alpha release of “Odyssey,” the codename for its new Print MIS designed to end printers’ double-entry dilemma.

MI4P is previewing Odyssey at Graph Expo Sept. 25-28 in Orlando. “With Odyssey, we’re staying true to our mission to help printers sell more printing,” says Dave Hultin, President, MI4P. “Eliminating the double-entry headache that has plagued printers is important, but Odyssey will provide value all along the print buying cycle – before, during, and after the print order.”

That’s because Odyssey is designed from the ground up to be more than “just” a print MIS. “With Odyssey, the website IS the print MIS,” Hultin says. “Entries made on the web form are automatically updated on the MIS side. If pricing or a schedule changes within the MIS side, the changes are automatically reflected for the print buyer.” In addition, Odyssey expands the scope of Print MIS to encompass web-to-print and marketing.

The added marketing capability caught the eye of MI4P customer and Odyssey “early adopter” Adrian Peters of World Press Printing. “I like that there are CRM tools built into Odyssey,” Peters says. “All of the details of my prospects, customers, and contacts will finally be managed in one place.”

Greg Buckingham of Document Works, another early adopter, buys into the vision too: “The goal is to grow Document Works by 25% next year and I think Odyssey is a major tool in that growth,” says Buckingham.

Learn more about Odyssey at: or get a demo at booth #1979 on the Graph Expo show floor.

About MI4P: Marketing Ideas for Printers provides marketing and technology solutions for the printing industry that promise the hope of a better tomorrow.