A Print MIS with Marketing Automation

How many customer lists are you currently maintaining? One of your most valuable customer lists is the one in your print management information system (Print MIS). After all, that’s where you’re keeping track of everyone that’s placing orders, and everyone that’s paying you for the privilege of doing business with you. That’s a pretty significant list!

When do you add people to that list? Do you add them to your Print MIS before they order printing from you? No, because that’s when they’re on your prospecting list. However, that’s also a pretty significant list because, after all, that’s where your customers are coming from.

Prospecting for Print Buyers

How do you turn prospects into print buyers? It starts by building relationships. Think back even further. How do you build relationships? By telling your story and starting a conversation with your prospect.

Consider this: If your goal is to turn your prospects into customers, and your customers are managed by your Print MIS, doesn’t it make sense for your Print MIS to manage the marketing campaigns that target those prospects (i.e. your soon-to-be customers!) right from the start? Shouldn’t your prospect list and your customer list be managed together, as one list?

We think so, which is why we’re building a new Print MIS called “Odyssey.” Odyssey takes traditional Print MIS to a bold, new level. Odyssey will not only provide you with the tools you’d expect to find in a traditional Print MIS, but it will also guide the marketing campaigns that touch your prospects and put them on the path to becoming customers! Odyssey adds tools for marketing automation to help you turn prospects into customers.

Marketing All the Time!

Of course, marketing is happening all the time. Odyssey isn’t limited to turning prospects into customers; it’s just as effective at managing all the marketing touch points at every stage of the customer life-cycle: before, during, and after they buy printing.

This is something that Print MIS has never done before. This is Odyssey.

Join us as we’ll be presenting Odyssey at Graph Expo (September 25-28, 2016) in booth 1979. The booth number may have you thinking retro, but Odyssey will welcome you to the future.