A Print MIS that Removes Barriers

A print management information system (or Print MIS) helps printers manage their day-to-day production activities.

Would you agree that a Print MIS should connect you with your print-buying customers from the time an order is placed until the time an order is completed? That’s common ground that we can all agree on pretty easily.


Would you also agree that you should be communicating with your prospects and customers even when they aren’t ordering printing? Once again we can all come to a pretty quick agreement.

Communication is, of course, important. It’s what leads to relationships. You can (and should) be building a relationship with your customers and prospects even before production begins, before they place their very first order! And after the job is complete, you can (and should) continue nurturing and growing those relationships with your customers to make sure they come back to place even more orders!

Limits of a Traditional Print MIS

What if your Print MIS not only managed your interactions with your customers during the production of their print jobs, but it also helped you communicate with your customers and prospects before and after the time they were buying printing?

If your Print MIS removed the “before” barrier, it could assist you in building relationships with your customers and prospects before they even placed an order. Your Print MIS could know all about your customers and prospects, and send intelligent communications to them.

And what if your Print MIS removed the “after” barrier as well? That would mean your MIS could assist you in staying in touch with your customers to ensure they keep coming back after their order is complete and buy more printing from you in the future. After all, your Print MIS would know who your customers were, as well as their buying habits.

What if a Print MIS got serious about the times before and after print production occurs to better connect you with your customers and prospects?

What if…?

Odyssey Removes Barriers

“Odyssey” provides the answers to your “What if…” questions. If Odyssey was your new Print MIS, you wouldn’t need to ask “What if…” anymore because Odyssey is a new breed of Print MIS that removes barriers. With Odyssey, those obstacles that limit you to only the during moments of production are eliminated.




With Odyssey, the Print MIS role expands to include those before moments when you want to convert prospects to customers, as well as to those after moments when you want your customers to keep coming back to order more printing.

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