Stability means so much to your customers. Their trust in you must be built on a solid foundation of meeting expectations and delivering on your promises. Where it Begins Building that base of stability begins in the marketing you send to your customers: telling your story, sharing your desire to serve, letting customers know you stand behind your work. Sending

How often does the marketing that arrives at your business bring a smile to your face? A Smile That Makes the Rounds Chances are, if your business is like most, the pile of daily mail gets sorted into piles that are passed on to their respective departments. It’s possible one piece of mail could travel through several hands before it

You put 100% into your company. Perhaps you feel like your time, ideas, and resources are stretched to their limits. Are you willing to let someone help? Time to Prioritize Yourself Sometimes, when your staff feels burdened or burnt out, certain things begin to fall by the wayside. If your company tends to push its marketing to the back burner

With spring just around the corner, the month of March feels full of fresh potential. Why not harness that potential and add a new piece to the marketing you do for your business? Breathe New Life Into Your Marketing If you have been looking for a way to breathe some life back into your marketing lineup, our Coffee Break newsletter

A brand new issue of Coffee Break will be coming your way soon. Don’t let the post-holidays slump affect the way you interact with your customers. Instead of letting things stagnate, take this time to shake things up a bit — maybe add some humor to your marketing lineup. An item for sale on Craigslist… “Antique sewing table refurbished by

Our Coffee Break newsletter has been a unique addition to our direct mail marketing packages for over two decades! And really, should that be surprising? After all, humor sells! Why not deliver that humor to your customers every month with your company name on it? Share the Laughs Here is a list of our favorite laughs from the 2017 Coffee

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A brand-new issue of Coffee Break will be coming your way soon! You made it. The clean slate of a new year lies before you. While many people make resolutions to better their personal lives, have you considered making resolutions to benefit your professional life? Increasing your market share, customer base, and visibility in the community are a few places

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A brand-new issue of Coffee Break will be coming your way soon. Here we are at the end of another year. As you look back, what are the marketing successes that you hope to replicate or even improve upon in the New Year? What are the pieces that you are confident made the difference between losing and gaining customers? Connect

A brand new issue of Coffee Break will be coming your way soon! Have you ever stopped to be grateful for the marketing materials your company sends to its customers? Taken a moment to appreciate the ability you have to get your company’s name into the hands of hundreds or thousands of people? What a privilege it is to have

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What is one thing that sets your company apart? Perhaps you offer a distinct product or service, or your customer care is second to none. Whatever it is that catches the attention of your customers, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Combining it with other strong aspects of your company is what really makes a lasting impression. The

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