Open Doors with Smart, Quality Content For Printers

Did you know that according to Statistic Brain Research Institute, 72% of people judge a company based on the quality of their printed materials?

As a print specialist, it’s essential to offer up your best in print marketing through outstanding direct mail. Need help? We’ve got you covered both on and offline – including three newsletter options, a product-of-the-month mailer, a “benefits of buying local” postcard, or monthly Ideas Collection tips: short tech, print, marketing, and design articles added to every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers.

Ready to open doors? Here’s some of the smart content coming your way in the October issues, available now:

Business Forum

Looking for immediate impact?

Business Forum positions you as a friendly advocate and helpful partner to the professionals in your network. Enjoy articles that:

  • Go more in-depth
  • Give useful advice
  • Remind customers of the limitless printing possibilities you provide

The October edition features family communication mistakes to avoid, tips for effective coupon campaigns, and tangible customer relations questions to evaluate how well your team is collaborating.

Printer’s Press

As our most popular newsletter, Printer’s Press is smart, interesting, and fun to read.

October’s edition features:

  • Migraine triggers to avoid
  • Ideas for expressing gratitude through loyalty rewards
  • An anecdote about the best sympathy card ever
  • The benefits of hand-written thank you notes
  • And more!

From recipes and travel destination features to a “From the Printer” personalized print tip, Printer’s Press brings style and new life to your direct mail marketing each month.


Did you know that 7 out of 10 tourists pick up brochures, and 95% of visitors who obtain a brochure become aware of that business?

Stir your readers to “FALL in love” with timeless, tasteful brochures with this month’s FastStart:

What goes around, stays around, and prestigious printed brochures bring significant staying power for your professional image. Tasteful brochures are a time-tested tool for marketing your products or services. Eye-catching brochures can fit in pockets, envelopes, or presentation folders, acting as a conversation supplement or an effective salesperson when you’re away. Add credibility, authenticity, and dignity to your brand with brochures that sing.

Local Edge

Help your clients establish their brand and bring a first-class distinction to their business.

October’s Local Edge postcard invites them to say hello to hassle-free results with the print advantage local printing brings:

Generic, large-scale printers often bring hassles, headaches, and substandard products this disappoint. Print with people you can trust as you love and live local. Here you’ll enjoy familiar faces and a quality you can feel.

Coffee Break

As the summer sun fades to fall, Coffee Break will keep your customers in good spirits with quips like this:

“I hate it when people ask me what I’ll be doing this time next year. Seriously? I don’t have 2020 vision!”

Why use jokes and cartoons? Because humor sells! Coffee Break is a lighthearted, non-pushy newsletter that reminds your customers you’re here make them look good. Like this:

Changing seasons or a change in customer needs may mean you need to rethink your marketing game. We can help!

Ideas Collection

Want to take some new territory with your next marketing push?

The lifeblood of your business lies in the ability to sell products or services, but many entrepreneurs struggle to craft a great pitch. This month’s marketing tip coaches your readers to shape a compelling pitch through five elements of an irresistibly good offer: selling value, common language, payment plans, a great close, and offering reasons why when a deal seems “too good” to be true.

It’s Your Turn to Give it a Try 

Print and online advertising creates sales, and with customizable, professional, monthly content, prepared for you each month, marketing has never been easier. Toss the excuses and give it a try! Download free samples below or call us at (800) 736-0688 to chat about options.