Go Bigger for Your Print Business in 2020

A new year brings new opportunities, and one of the best options at your fingertips includes an all-new, unrestricted, multi-channel National Direct Mail package. Want to keep your friends close but also cast your net a bit wider?

Read on to learn about our new National Direct Mail package and other fabulous January content available now!

Introducing National Direct Mail

With online ordering capabilities, your business is no longer limited to selling to a particular zip code.

Today you can reach customers across the country with personal, high-quality direct mail options. The new National Direct Mail package option features much of your favorite Marketing Ideas For Printers content (including matching social media and e-mail pieces) with one notable difference: no zip code restrictions!

Elevate the benefits of your business with practical tips, fun facts, and optional coupons. If you’re looking to expand your influence, National Direct Mail is the way to go!

Printer’s Press

Printer’s Press offers an informative, friendly way to keep your name in the mix with your VIP clients. This month discover five unique getaway options, tips for saving big on everyday expenses, and an anecdote about a magnet postcard “direct-mail miracle.” Beyond its usual work/life blend, this month Printer’s Press prompts your clients to consider custom envelopes:

“Did you know that our print shop prints millions of envelopes each year? That’s right, millions! Your envelopes could be made here, too—fast, inexpensive, and tailored to fit your specific needs. If you’re tired of lackluster envelopes that miss the mark and hit the trash can, it’s time to consider what we can offer! We’ll help you stand out from your competition and make your envelopes impossible to ignore.”

Business Forum

Business Forum exists to strengthen your professional relationships as you supply business, life, and real print solutions.

January’s edition offers advice on making presentations more natural, gives tips for home-working parents, highlights four versatile door-hanger strategies, and supplies self-talk helps for improving your state of mind. Readers will also enjoy a book review of Who, by Geoff Smart and Randy Street, focusing on finding, hiring, and developing talent using a successful four-step approach:

“The challenge of hiring a stranger based almost entirely on a resume is daunting. Geoff Smart and Randy Street calm those fears with plenty of insight and real-world examples of how their methods and practices have helped their own clients (and themselves) find the right ‘who’ for the job.”

Coffee Break

January brings a fresh calendar page and, for many, a new diet. Keep your clients laughing with hilarious diet quips like these:

  • A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.
  • Give up carbs? Over my bread body.
  • I’m on a low-carb diet. Whenever I feel low, I eat carbs.

The non-pushy sales prompts in Coffee Break help you regularly build connections with real print prompts like this:

Get the second look you’re looking for with compelling print materials that make you look your best. Whatever your printing needs might be, you can find a solution with us! 


The best offense in business is a stunning first impression, and the start of a new year is an excellent opportunity to give it another look.

Use January’s FastStart to move your print buyers toward a brilliant marketing boost, including updated business cards, letterhead, envelopes, folders, flyers, or creative custom packaging:

You’re not like everyone else, so find your own unique voice and stand out from the crowd! Consider fold-over flyers, premium business cards, a refreshed logo, or dazzling oversized displays. Smart designs go beyond aesthetic appeal, they showcase who you are and the value your business can bring. Give attention to these details and the difference may last for decades!

Local Edge

The start of January brings the first blank page of a 365-page book. Help your clients write a good one this year! Local Edge focuses on helping your print buyers print each project confidence with the creative advantage your business brings:

A new year means one thing: new possibilities. Want to invigorate your look or refresh your brand image? Local printing allows you to collaborate at each stage of design and print, avoiding the cookie cutter so your unique voice is authentically expressed. Give a brilliant boost to your materials with simple touch-ups or a bold brand transformation.

Ideas Collection

Graphic designs are meant to showcase brands in a visually engaging manner, and typography brings clarity to a message and value to a design.

This month’s tech tip, available on every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers and through our content plugin, features three guidelines for eliminating typographical errors. Help your clients be more professional in their use of quotation marks, hyphens, and font combinations, so their typography can do its job with style!  

Make It Easy On Yourself

Busy printers don’t always have time to put together advertising campaigns.

Save time with ready-to-customize digital and print options each month. Professionally designed, proofed, and delivered right to your inbox, take advantage of direct mail content that generates momentum and makes you look great.

Ready to re-evaluate your marketing options for 2020? Download samples below to learn more.