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What goes around comes around! Plant some seeds with vibrant marketing, and grow your influence in the year to come. Check out the wide range of insightful content options available to you this month:

Printer’s Press

The February Printer’s Press features creative fold techniques in print, most “pinned” Valentine recipes, and emphasizing encouragement as a way to build emotional stability in kids.

Your readers will also discover seven design tips for increasing envelope open rates, like teaser text with engaging keywords, time-bound offers, or size and color alternatives that add prestige. Position yourself as a printer who is personable, approachable, and helpful with this upbeat, direct-mail newsletter!

Business Forum

How would you feel if you showed up for work one day and your most valuable employee handed in their resignation?

This month’s Business Forum offers practical advice on taking care of your “stars,” including stats on the cost of employee turnover and leadership incentives that can fuel motivation. Keep your own clients motivated by featuring five reasons a focus on print can help you build a connection with your audience.

Coffee Break

Coffee Break encourages your client to pair their vision and your expertise for stellar results, and keeps people smiling with some of the world’s cheesiest pick-up lines:

“Are you a keyboard? Because you are my type.” (or) “If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one.”


Want to help your clients maximize influence in high traffic areas?

Sell sheets and rack cards bring a concise, lively message with a medium that’s portable and highly visible. Like one-page billboards, these grab-and-go promotions can educate prospects, motivate buyers, and offer a reference for further review. Help your customers attract attention and put the facts in focus with the latest issue of this powerful product mailer, FastStart.

Local Edge

Tired of in-your-face, annoying pop-up ads?

Your customers are too.

This month’s Local Edge postcard, focused on the benefits of buying local, reminds your clients of the print quality advantage your business can bring. Encourage them to connect to their audience on an emotional level through tactile, personalized print pieces you generate:

“People buy what they feel comfortable with, so help them buy into you through the unparalleled craftsmanship of authentic local print.”

Ideas Collection

As relational creatures, our social connections have tremendous influence on a willingness to buy.

This month’s Ideas Tip, added to every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, teaches your customers six trips for using social influence to persuade prospects. Here’s a glimpse at just three:

People say yes when they receive something first. To delight customers, include a small extra when filling your next order or customize an accessory with a meaningful name or label.

People say yes to those who are like them. Affirm customers by highlighting similarities or lavishing authentic compliments and you’ll see immediate impact. Prospects wan to feel you like them!

People say yes when they’ve taken small steps first. Woo prospects toward a sale by reminding them how your product or offer corresponds with something they’ve already said they value (family, safety, saving money, health). This pull toward personal alignment will stimulate customers to follow through on new commitments.

Inspire Real Life Solutions

Ready to build trust with a generation that craves distinct, authentic connections?

Customer-focused content can build trust, likability, and the name-recognition you need. Want to chat about our no-risk trials? Download free samples here or contact us below.