Add Some Flavor to Your Marketing Lineup!

Ready to add definition to your marketing this year?

The new year is fast approaching, and with it, a whole host of new content from Marketing Ideas For Printers to help you sell more printing. Here’s what’s coming in the January content mix:

Printer’s Press

Small changes can make a big impact on your life and business.

The January issue of Printer’s Press features New Year’s lifestyle resolutions, the health benefits of a humidifier, and much more! Printer’s Press also encourages your customers with a variety of creative coupon ideas to increase the draw for local shoppers. Coupons carry a similar power as word-of-mouth marketing with measurable tracking, memorable sticking power, and a goodwill incentive that prompts people to try! Encourage your customers this month to boost their marketing efforts with coupons printed by you!

Business Forum 

Along with inspiring business quotes, workplace improvement hacks, and portion sizing tips for a more healthful new year, Business Forum features Zig Ziglar’s “Wheel of Life” metaphor for striking a balance between seven core areas of life.

Your customers will also enjoy coaching on “Killer Headlines 101,” reminding writers that only 20 percent of people will read the copy that follows headlines. Rich content buried behind lame headlines will be missed: help remind your customers and prospects to pull in readers by using great bait!

Coffee Break

Coffee Break is a monthly humor newsletter that will encourage your clients to fight the fluff through vibrant print campaigns, and pokes fun at resolutions gone wrong, like this one:

“I’d love to say ‘New Year. New Me.’ but I’m only 2 stamps away from a free meal with my KFC loyalty card. Would be silly to ruin that now…”

Fast Start

According to data from the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 72% of people will judge a person based on the quality of their business card, and 39% said they would avoid doing business with someone who had a “cheap looking” card.

Help your prospects and customers strike a confident chord with distinct business cards and letterhead this January. As a daily connection with customers and prospects, business cards and letterheads are the bedrock of direct marketing and a key promotional piece. When you mail with Fast Start, you’ll challenge your audience to ace that all-powerful first impression with networking tools that are easy to love and hard to put down!

Local Edge

Want to fire up confidence to start the new year? Your customers do!

Let them know that you’re here to help them stand tall with the creative advantage local printing will bring:

“Want to go big in 2019 with a spectacular professional image? Partner with us for inspiration and enjoy creative personalized service a look that’s uniquely yours. Find your own distinct voice with exception elements like die-cut texturing, stunning metallic inks, and brilliant varnish options. Stand above the competition with original local printing this year!”

Ideas Collection

Want to help clients bridge the gap between their print and online media?

QR (or “quick read”) codes have a unique look, encouraging people to get involved with print materials by scanning the code and following the digital scavenger hunt to a website, social media page, or to receive personalized text and e-mails.

This month’s tech tip, added to the Ideas Collection of every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, teaches readers to create and modify their own QR codes through Adobe InDesign. The article also offers several examples for your print buyers of where and how to place QR codes in printed products, increasing their potential to land a valuable client!

A Road Map for Opportunity

Ready to refresh your own marketing in 2019?

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