Guide the Conversation with Dynamic Content

For years, 2020 has been on the horizon of many trend-watchers. Soon, we will be living it.

Are you ready for the new challenges and opportunities this decade will bring? Be a proactive thought leader with versatile marketing that positions you as a fresh-thinking, dependable business partner in your community.

National Direct Mail (New in 2020!)

Did you know the Direct Marketing Association found that 79% of flyer recipients read, keep, or pass along the flyers they receive?

The National Direct Mail content (including mailer, self-mailer, envelope, and matching social media or e-mail campaign content) will help you promote the benefits of full-color flyers in the February issue. Encourage your customers to invest in printed flyers for trade shows, internal communication, and strategic sales.

The National Direct Mail option features much of your favorite Marketing Ideas For Printers content with one notable difference: no zip code restrictions. When you want to reach far, go national!

Printer’s Press

Make today a masterpiece!

The February issue of Printer’s Press, available now, offers upbeat articles on a fresh gratitude focus, money-saving strategies that help you prioritize travel, and daily tips for strengthening your immune system. The Printer’s Press newsletter appeals to all audiences while keeping print in focus with product pitches like this:

“Bold Coupons: Postcard coupons stand out in a stack of mail and often get read simply out of curiosity. Grab your audience’s attention with a bold message and get to the point quickly with no exterior envelope needed. If your business has an upcoming sale or promotion that you’d like to spread the word about, consider postcard coupons. They feature low postage costs and provide a high likelihood of brand recognition. Order yours today!”

Business Forum

Did you know that a blue whale’s heartbeat can be heard from more than two miles away?

Business Forum keeps your clients informed about all KINDS of interesting facts like these! From curious statistics to inspiring business quotes, this direct mail newsletter positions you as a friendly business partner with real-life and print solutions. The February edition features life management app reviews, simple “print design” tips, and articles on mentorship programs, customer communication, and fostering self-esteem in families.

Coffee Break

With the holidays on the books, family tensions may be something we can laugh aboutonce again. Use Coffee Break to keep goodwill coming your way with wisecracks like this:

Wife: I lost my keys again!

Husband: It’s in your jeans.

Wife: Don’t drag my family into this.


Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

In business, the best way to build profits is to aim high in sales. Check out FastStart to encourage your customers to be intentional in their marketing with sell sheets and rack cards that optimize space and bring ideas to the forefront. These grab-and-go tools can personalize a sale and keep uncertain clients considering:

Sales are more than just transactions; they involve a journey of decision. People view print pieces as trustworthy, memorable, and especially helpful during purchases. As your customers move from awareness to consideration, sell sheets or rack cards offer an extra sense of assurance they might need to make a commitment.

Local Edge

Why should your customers print locally? It’s your job to inform them!

The Local Edge postcard is a cost-effective way to remind your customers of the creative, quality, and personal advantages your local partnership can bring. Help your clients outclass the competition with updated materials and outstanding craftsmanship this month:

From gorgeous mounted posters to premium weight letterhead, print brings a sensory experience that’s unmatched in its appeal. Enhance your look with refreshed print pieces and show your business some love today!

Ideas Collection

Marketers don’t control everything in a business, but they do have a profound influence over the promotion of their products.

This may include branding strategies, advertising, product placement, and more. This month’s marketing tip, available on every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, features a helpful guide for assembling any “promotional pie.” The four P’s of marketing (product, place, price, promotion) gives your customers a concise, helpful framework to build from.

Timeless and Timely

Trends may come and go, but printing remains an effective means of marketing for any brand.

That includes your own business! What are you doing to build connections and display the quality of your printed pieces? Show them the value you bring through flexible, beautiful print options. Download samples below to learn more.