Inspire Your Print Customers in 2019

As fall fades to winter, we’re reminded that December is just around the corner. Hard to believe it’s almost the last year of the decade!

It seems like only yesterday we were all in a kerfuffle about the pending Y2K. Well, time ticks on, and so does the content from Marketing Ideas For Printers that will inspire your customers to create bigger and better things.

Preview our December content today!

Speaking of winter, the December editions of our direct mail packages and a new Ideas Collection tip are now available! Here’s a peek at seasonal goodies coming your way soon:

Printer’s Press

Appealing to all audiences, our most popular newsletter, Printer’s Press positions you as a well-informed, good-natured business. This month features ways to give back (during the holidays and beyond), awesome employee wellness ideas, a delicious guacamole recipe, and stuffer/insert options that bolster sales without increasing postage.

Business Forum

Along with funny workplace tweets, family and education app reviews, and rich business content for crafting consistency in customer service and branding, you’ll want to check out our Business Forum featured book, “The Creative Curve.” Just released in July 2018, Allen Gannett’s book teaches customers how to launch the right product or the right idea at the right moment. It’s a great read for anyone in business!

Coffee Break

Everyone loves to laugh! Check out the Coffee Break newsletter that promises to keep your clients smiling with Christmas lists from around the world and the four stages of life: 1) You believe in Santa, 2) You don’t believe in Santa, 3) You dress like Santa, 4) You look like Santa.


Researchers estimate that people form impressions in 50 milliseconds and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. One glance is all you get, so encourage customers to grab opportunities with big, bold poster options.

“It is said you see over 1000 ads per day but recall only seven. Want to make your message more memorable? Posters are an ideal vehicle to maximize creativity. With fantastic sizes, flashy colors, and breathtaking artwork, posters give authority to your brand and bring show-stopping impact. Reach new buyers, tempt impulse shoppers, and make your message stand tall with custom posters they won’t soon forget!”

Each month, the FastStart mailer showcases who you are and what you can print. Inspire them to use posters as a rich cornerstone of their marketing and displays!

Local Edge

Like a good night of sleep or a ray of sunshine through the storm, would you like a refreshing vision for the future? Your customers do! The December Local Edge, our “benefits of printing local” postcard, reminds your customers of the rest, security, and confidence your partnership will bring in 2019 because,

“no matter what’s ahead, you can rest easy in another year of rock-solid service. It’s our best expression of gratitude for your business!”

Ideas Collection Design Tip

Whether you’re a marketer or design specialist, it is important to use tactics that add power and clarity to your communication. This month’s design tip, featured on every website from Marketing Ideas For Printers, outlines three techniques for amplifying visual messages: signs, typograms, and symbolic imagery. Help your clients add emotional weight, increase efficiency, and achieve a greater return from their marketing dollars!

Proactive Relationships Mean Better Business

Want to grow your sales and your business in 2019? Be proactive about inspiring customer creativity and nurturing rock-solid relationships through a no-risk website or these direct mail packages. Download free samples or contact us below!