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New Direct Mail For Printers Content Available Now

Printer’s Press

The December issue of Printer’s Press, available for download now, is four pages packed with content designed to please anyone, whether you’re prospecting to new clients or nurturing relationships with long-term customers. Featuring highlights of:

  • Holiday etiquette
  • How to relieve holiday travel stress
  • Innovative marketing ideas

And best of all? A focus on the benefits of newsletters (and printing them with you)! Remind your customers and prospects you’re there by connecting with them and building relationships that lead to more print sales.

National Direct Mail

Many marketers are wondering how to market on a tight budget.

Direct mail is both money-making and money-saving, and it’s time to remind your clients that. (Pssst… do you need a friendly reminder of that as well?) In the December issue of the National Direct Mail package, available for download now, you’ll remind clients and prospects that direct mail just makes sense.

“Direct mail and print marketing are still the best choices for cutting through the clutter and getting your marketing message directly into the hands of your customers. Get your brand seen today!”

Best response. Unmatched ROI. Greater retention.
Put direct mail to work for your company today! BONUS: National Direct Mail features coordinating social media and email content and no zip code restrictions, giving you a ready-to-go marketing campaign each and every month.

Local Edge

December and the holiday season bring an appreciation for being with other people and remind us that together is better.

The Local Edge December postcard, available for download now, combines an impactful thank you message to your print buyers, focuses on the power of doing business together, and takes a ‘New Year, New You’ angle with letterhead, business cards, and envelopes as the print focus.

Great for Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), Local Edge is just the thing for your holiday campaigns.


Has your marketing grown stale? Now is the perfect time for a makeover! From small font tweaks to complete color overhauls, harness fresh momentum, and start the year strong.

Celebrating a New You is the focus of the December FastStart direct mail package, available for download now. It provides an opening for your clients and prospects to think about branding their businesses in the coming year in a whole new light.

Branding is more than just your logo or color scheme. It is the heartbeat of how clients perceive your product or what moves them to act. Strong brands take their corporate identity seriously because design can determine the success of your entire organization. Has your message gone flat? Let’s change that!

From letterhead to large-scale displays, encourage your audience to ring in the new year with an elegant visual upgrade.

Coffee Break

What if you could send a smile every month with a newsletter prospects and customers look forward to reading and sharing with others?

Coffee Break gives you that opportunity. In the December issues, available for download now, you’ll find these jokes and plenty more!

A small boy was at the
zoo with his father. He was telling him how ferocious the tigers were.
“Daddy, if the tigers got out and ate you up…”
“Yes, son?” the father asked, ready to console him. “…Which bus would I take home?”

Grandpa always said when one door closes, another one opens …
Great man, horrible cabinet maker.

I was on a date with this really great lady.
Well, it wasn’t really a date-date; more like we ate dinner and saw a movie together.

Then the plane landed.

Business Forum

Looking to appeal to your corporate clients? This eight-page newsletter quickly gives you that opportunity. Here are our top seven features from the December Business Forum, available for download now.

  1. Becoming a business maverick
  2. Print isn’t dead. See the many opportunities of print
  3. Christmas traditions to try
  4. Unique options to finish your print piece on a high note
  5. Health – The benefits of Yoga
  6. Book Review – “What the Heck is EOS?”
  7. Team-building exercise to try

See for yourself the impact of the Business Forum newsletter, and let us know your favorite features!

New Website For Printers Content Available Now

Did you know you can have website content created for you each month and automatically uploaded to your website each month? No worrying about trying to stay relevant. It’s already done for you.

Ideas Collection: Reel In Readers with These 5 Irresistible Brief Formats

The latest Design Tip in the Ideas Collection is now live on the Base Websites provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers and those subscribers using the Ideas Collection WordPress Plugin.

This tip focuses on how to use short-form columns within magazine writing.

If you publish a periodical of any kind, you want to build your fan base.

But this can’t happen if people won’t start browsing. That’s why the short-form column is your secret weapon! Shorter items, called briefs, may consist of reviews, letters from readers, graphic pages, or mini editorials.

Read the entire article, “Attract Magazine Readers with Short-Form Columns.”

White Paper: Marketing on a Shoestring budget

Small businesses face many challenges, but one of the most daunting is the struggle to remain cash positive.

With an estimated 80 percent of entrepreneurs unclear about the effectiveness of their marketing strategy, many avoid advertising altogether – especially when finances are tight.

But there is a better way!

In the latest white paper, Marketing on a Shoestring Budget, your prospects and print buyers will learn to strategize their spending, explore cost-effective ways to gain new customers, and find budget-friendly print promotions to build their business.

Did you know these white papers come branded to your business and are automatically uploaded to your website when complete? Encourage your prospect and clients to print those budget-friendly print promotions with you when you subscribe and receive the latest white paper today. Get started today or learn more about how white papers help you sell more printing here.

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