New Direct Mail Package Focuses On Buying Local

Proclaiming the many benefits of doing business with a local printer will be the theme of our new Direct Mail For Printers postcard offering. We are proud to announce the introduction of….wait for it…Local Edge! Hooray!

Have you been waiting for an opportunity to showcase the benefits of keeping things local and working with a local printer, but just haven’t had the time to promote this yourself? Well, good news!

We’ve heard your desire and understand how difficult it is to compete with the low-margin, high-volume printers around the country. We understand how precious of a commodity time can be to local printers, and that’s why we created Local Edge. We all know the benefits of working with a local printer and we want to make sure your customers are reminded of those benefits as well.

Give Your Customers a Reason to Buy Local

Focusing on “The Real People Advantage,” “High-Value Printing Because We Care,” and “Experience, Dedication, and Reputation,” these are just some of the local-oriented themes we will be promoting through the Local Edge postcard.


Your print buyers want to know why they should do business locally and Local Edge will provide that monthly message delivered right to their doorstep. As a bonus, the Local Edge postcards feature an option of displaying a coupon. Direct mail with an incentive can give your print buyers a reason to act now!


ColorMatters: Retiring the Colors

While we herald in the new Local Edge postcard, at the same time, we say goodbye to our ColorMatters package. The ColorMatters package (or ColourMatters for our Canadian clients) has served us well over the last eight years but will come to an end after the December 2016 package.

Our decision to retire the ColorMatters package is based on the fact that production-quality color is no longer a nice upsell for printers; it is an expectation. Great-looking color is easily within reach for everyone these days, which means it’s no longer as big as a differentiator among printers. We’ll continue to promote the value of color printing throughout our other direct mail packages, but we’ll do it in the context of the printing you’re already doing, instead of through one dedicated package.

Exploit Your Local Edge

Now is a great time as a local printer to showcase your services to prospects with the fully editable Local Edge postcard. We look forward to many years of helping you sell more printing with Local Edge.

Show off your Local Edge with this new direct mail postcard package. Want to get started? Call 800-736-0688 or 701-241-9204. Look for the first issue’s files coming in November.