Content to Help You Welcome in 2021

The new year is more than starting new routines and ending less-than-desirable habits; it promises opportunities and fresh energy to tackle challenges. The greatest trait of the new year is a general acceptance that you can do things differently. No one judges you for making changes, great or small.

One thing that doesn’t change is the need for great content. For that reason, our content offerings are there for you, always reliable, and always high quality. Here’s what’s coming your way soon.

Newly Added Direct Mail Content Available Now

National Direct Mail

If you need unlimited reach, National Direct Mail has you covered. No zip code restrictions makes this a great choice for your direct marketing efforts.

The January issue of National Direct Mail is perfect for showing customers that you have their back and can make anything happen. You are the expert that can make their marketing dreams come to vivid life on the page. Entice them with custom printing and a few coupons to help them decide.

Printer’s Press

What’s better than Life Hacks for the New Year? The January issue of Printer’s Press, available for download now, takes a unique look at improving your life for the highly-anticipated new year, as well as improving envelope open rates with printing that’s impossible to ignore.

Do you know what Bourekas are? After reading this issue, your readers will be able to make spinach and cheese bourekas with a classic recipe featuring Gal Gadot, and have YOU to thank for it! Printer’s Press is the perfect short newsletter to give your customers and is guaranteed to always feature great content that makes your print company look its best.

Business Forum

As the tagline says, the Business Forum inspires business, life, and real print solutions. January’s issue delivers on that promise with a sales focus that tackles the tough task of forecasting and pairs it with the perfect advice for direct marketing campaigns.

Did you know if you need to write a business plan, there’s an app for that? Your readers will soon discover this with the latest Business Forum issue that’s loaded with business content worthy of reading and saving for future reference. It’s time to deliver informative, quality content and keep your contact information right where your customers can reach it with Business Forum.

Coffee Break

The world could certainly use a little more lighthearted humor these days. The Coffee Break newsletter is just the thing to connect with your prospects and customers regularly and bring a smile to their faces with fun jokes and quips like these:

Boss (to the new employee): We are very keen on cleanliness. Did you wipe your feet on the mat as you came in?
New employee: Yes, sir.
Boss: We’re also keen on truthfulness. There is no mat.

What’s the difference between an optimist and a pessimist?

  • An optimist will stay up until midnight to welcome the new year.
  • A pessimist will stay awake to make sure the last year leaves.

Share the laughs and gain maximum staying power with the included fact-a-day calendar with Coffee Break.


Everyone loves catalogs. January’s FastStart direct mail package reminds your prospects and customers how useful and important printed booklets and catalogs are to increase sales for all types of businesses. With added reminders that highlight taking care of those little things like stamps, in addition to booklets and catalogs, you’ll present yourself as the printing expert print buyers are looking for.

FastStart is your monthly way of saying, “We’re a printer, and here’s what we print.” Plus, you’ll have the flexibility you need with the included postcard and mailer. Send one or the other or both. This package is perfectly flexible to suit your unique needs.

Local Edge

If prospects or customers are looking to give their business a makeover for the new year, they’re going to need a printer like you on their team. Show your customers how easy it is to trust you with their identity with January’s Local Edge.

Your expertise is of value, and this package will put it on full display. This beautiful postcard is the perfect reminder that you are here for your clients and are the perfect partner when they are looking for exciting branding changes.

Newly Added Website Content

Ideas Collection

Are you familiar with what Glyphs are available in your design software and how to get to them quickly? This month’s Ideas Collection content, available on all Base Websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers and through WordPress Plugin), is some of the most searched and useful information for anyone who designs anything, especially print content. Amateur designers aren’t the only people who struggle with glyph shortcuts, so you’ll be doing everyone a favor with this month’s content. Plus, you’ll be attracting new visitors!

New is an Exciting Advantage

Now is the perfect time to remind customers of your role in their success. Keeping your name in front of them is as easy as contacting us today and downloading the quality content that will make the job easier for you.