Technology has revolutionized how your print buyers communicate, share information, and shop. Social networks connect businesses to billions of users each day, and even if your print buyers are NOT on social media, there are still several reasons why your printing company needs social media to help increase the visibility of your print website. Here are nine of them. 9

Social media marketing is an essential tool for helping you sell more printing. While you might already have your “hat in the ring” on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, many printers have yet to take advantage of the many benefits Instagram marketing can provide for their printing firm. Why You Need to Consider Instagram for Your Print Business

Social media marketing allows you to share articles, links, or images on numerous different platforms all for the sole benefit of connecting with your audience and increasing your presence in the minds or your current and future clients. As a printer, it is important that you jump on board in the venture of social media marketing. Why? Because building your