3 Reasons Why Building Your Social Media Presence is Important (For Printers)

Social media marketing allows you to share articles, links, or images on numerous different platforms all for the sole benefit of connecting with your audience and increasing your presence in the minds or your current and future clients.

As a printer, it is important that you jump on board in the venture of social media marketing. Why?

Because building your social media presence will help your business grow.

Online Etiquette Matters

Before you fully use social media as a marketing resource, you must learn and understand the etiquette of using it correctly.

Keep Your Opinions to Yourself

Avoid getting yourself into trouble by not posting your opinions or commenting on potentially controversial topics. When you are quick to speak and slow to listen to your audience,  potential customers that have opposing views to your posted content may be deterred from using your services.

Keep Yourself Off the Hook

Remember, the person or company who is responsible for posting controversial content may receive negative backlash that could be incredibly consequential. You don’t want to put your business at risk by losing customers or creating an uproar online.

The Why Behind Building Social Media For Printers

Now that you’ve been reminded of the basic principles for staying out of trouble on social media, here are three reasons why building your online presence through social media marketing is one of the most helpful tools for your business.

1. It creates another form of marketing.

In the past, businesses have used print advertisements, television and radio commercials, word of mouth and other forms of advertising.

With the increased use of the internet and social media, it creates another opportunity to get the word out for your business. According to Statista.com,

 “In the United States, 81 percent of the population had a social media profile. This means that there were around 207 million social network users in the country in 2016.”

With the ever-growing number of people in the country that use social media, it allows another channel for your print business to engage with your customers.

2. It helps you stay relevant in an internet world.

Ever since the creation of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, the ability for people to stay connected with each other has become easier and easier.

Location and distance are no longer relevant.

With more users, there are more businesses using this technology to get ahead. More users also mean more traffic online. To make sure you’re content isn’t lost in a cluster of other posts and information, post as often as you can so you reach your followers. Become aware of social media companies’ algorithms and learn how to get around them and be seen. Often, this is as simple as engaging content published on a consistent basis.

3. You meet your audience where they’re at.

The easiest way to increase your customer base is to go where your customers are at. And where are they?

On social media apps on their smartphones.

Because of the simple convenience of being able to pull up an app and check their news feeds, smartphone users are often checking their own social media accounts during their free time. In some cases, checking their own social media even when they shouldn’t be!

Consumers today want information at their fingertips, day or night, from anywhere. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean you have to be working 24/7/365.

You can use the power of social media to do it for you.

Written by

Joseph Casagrande

Graphic Designer, Banyan Printing

Joseph Casagrande has been a Graphic Designer at Banyan Printing since 2016. Joseph also provides digital content as the Social Media Manager and has a Bachelors in Computer Graphics as well as a Masters in Business Administration. Joseph’s knowledge and experience in the print industry have given him success in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.