What makes a printed piece leap off a page? Some say it’s the dimensions of the designs, the vibrant hues of the ink, or the dazzling gloss finishes. But part of the beauty is the way the layout itself captures your eye. When white space is appropriately utilized (or eliminated completely), the contrast can be breathtaking. But often clients don’t

It’s important to take great pride in offering your customers the best quality work. After all, your commitment to your customers involves not only excellent craftsmanship but accurate estimates that save time and stress (for both you and your customer) along the way. Keeping the Numbers in Check The December print tip, available on every website provided by Marketing Ideas

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Have you ever entered a furniture store and been bombarded by overly eager sales associates? Though you were originally in a buying mood (and the price was just right!), you just couldn’t commit. Why? A classic case of “too much, too soon.” Sales are more than just transactions, they involve a journey of decision. Push too hard, and customers run.

Color is your world. It’s part of what you do every day. You know how color emphasizes your perception of the products it appears on, and so do your customers. Or maybe they don’t. That’s why it’s a good idea to remind your customers that they can Win Customers With Colorful Packaging. That’s the topic (and the name of!) the

Typography is SO important! You know it, and now you can make sure your customers and website visitors know it, too! 5 Rules for Readability with Type is the newest tip added to the Ideas Collection on the websites provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers. The five rules presented in this tip include: Keep typography simple. Stay consistent. Use upper and lower case. Keep lines