New Print Tip: Win Customers With Colorful Packaging

Color is your world. It’s part of what you do every day. You know how color emphasizes your perception of the products it appears on, and so do your customers. Or maybe they don’t. That’s why it’s a good idea to remind your customers that they can Win Customers With Colorful Packaging.

That’s the topic (and the name of!) the newest Print Tip added to the Ideas Collection of every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers. Here are the three tips your customers will see when they visit the Win Customers With Colorful Packaging tip on your website:

  • Ask yourself which one color gets your message across.
  • Always plan a family of products and marketing assets in advance.
  • Always do a color-accurate printed proof.

The tip finishes with this mandate:

Always consider how things will look and how they will make your customers feel. By keeping these vital color rules in mind, you can create packaging, brochures and other assets that make your brand attractive to consumers and easily recognized.

Here’s how Win Customers With Colorful Packaging is presented on one of our public demo websites. With content like this, you will always be the expert your customers turn to when they’re ready to print their colorful packaging! We invite you to experience it for yourself by requesting your own personal demo website.
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