A Ballpark Home Run

It’s important to take great pride in offering your customers the best quality work. After all, your commitment to your customers involves not only excellent craftsmanship but accurate estimates that save time and stress (for both you and your customer) along the way.

Keeping the Numbers in Check

The December print tip, available on every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, gives your clients a handy guide for preparing a project with limited hassle. Often those inexperienced in print basics find themselves swamped in confusing conversations or multiple trips to and from your office. Here are a few tips highlighted for your customers from the article that will help your patrons keep their estimates in the ballpark!

  1. Weight of Paper. This can vary based on the type of publication and the specific needs of each client. Often it may be best to trust printer recommendations based on project specs.
  2. Folding and Binding Options. Folding is ideal for some projects while binding is best for others. This print tip walks clients through four binding options and the most common, standard folds. Narrowing options upfront can offer a huge head start.
  3. Colors and Bleeds. Often customers get confused about the precision of color matching, the number of colors needed, or whether a full-page bleed will be included. Educating clients in advance can circumvent misunderstanding.
  4. Details and Delivery. Clients should be sure to communicate the quantity of items needed, sizes being considered, number of pages that will be included, and instructions relevant to delivery date or transport.

Coaching That Cuts Out Confusion

Unresolved decisions can cause chaos, and small hold-ups can add up to major delays. Help your clients start off on the right foot with this helpful guide on prepping to print!

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