3 Steps to Crafting A Marketing Message Your Ideal Buyers Will Love (Part 3: How)

So far in this series of crafting your perfect marketing message, you’ve learned about the who and the what in order to craft the messages your prospects need to hear. To recap:

  • The “who” reveals the stories you should tell by knowing your audience.
  • The “what” helps you craft an overall voice that ties directly into the prospect’s motivation to buy.

Once these two parts are nailed down, you’ll be able to deliver the perfect metaphors and anecdotes that make your ideal prospect view you as the only choice.

This messaging and content will be a clear combination of messages that are persuasive, compelling, and powerful for them to hear and read.

You Are Not Your Audience

Armed with the “who” and the “what,” let’s turn our attention to look at the “how” of attracting your ideal buyer — one who shares your values.

When you’re just getting started executing your “how,” it can be tempting to overly identify with your audience. While you’re going to have things in common, it’s dangerous to think your ideal customer is similar to you in other ways.

You’re a subject matter expert at what you do, for starters, and they are not.

Make sure to not fall into the trap of too much knowledge. This is when a bias occurs with expertise and unknowingly assumes that others have the background to understand. This one assumption alone can sink your messaging and marketing efforts.

Plus, you don’t want to assume that the audience shares other characteristics that you have. All you want to know is what your ideal persona/buyer is thinking, feeling, seeing, and doing.

It All Comes Down To…

In other words, executing the perfect “how” all comes down to one word: empathy.

You have to have empathy by walking in your ideal buyers’ shoes, and that requires you first to see things from their perspective. Remember, you are not your audience. Your ideal persona doesn’t care what you think, feel, see, or do.

Once you’re able to acquire the skill of empathy, you’ll be able to create the content that coaches them down their journey of ultimately buying from you. 

Stay tuned for next week where we’ll walk you through an “Empathy Map” to help you better hone in on this skill and execute the “how” perfectly.