Others First: A Bet Worth Making

The title of this blog post could have just as easily been, “How an NDSU Bison National Championship Football Win turned into a Salvation Army Donation,” but that title is way too long. Another way-too-long option: “How a Friendly Wager Turned into a Win-Win-Win!”

Setting the Stage

As the 2017 college football season reached the playoff stage, the top two teams at the FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) level were the James Madison Dukes, and Fargo’s own North Dakota State University Bison. Long story short, these two teams (ranked #1 and #2) were the last teams standing and therefore met for the FCS championship game.

It turns out that one of our customers, Dick Olyench of Spectrum Printing in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is a pretty big JMU fan. No surprise, because he’s the father of two JMU alums.

The Deal Was Made

Once Dick realized that his team was going to go helmet-to-helmet with ours, he became a betting man! The deal was made: if NDSU won, Dick would provide a pizza party for the team here at Marketing Ideas For Printers. If JMU won, we would pick up the phone and order pizza for the “Happy Printers” over at Spectrum Printing.

And the Winner Is

After a very exciting game that kept the fans cheering until the very end, the NDSU Bison took the victory! The pizza was ours!!!

Victory! The NDSU Bison secure the pizza win for Marketing Ideas For Printers!


Dick wouldn’t go down without a fight. He had the pizza company label all of the pizza boxes with “Go JMU!”

Our friendly wager didn’t stop with just pizza, though.

Living Out Our Win with the Salvation Army

Instead of just ravenously consuming all of the free pizza, we decided to live out our company’s core value of “Others First” by donating a gift to Fargo’s chapter of the Salvation Army in the amount equal to the pizza Dick provided for us. Now, it’s a win-win for both!

A Win For Spectrum Printing Too

We wanted to make sure Dick and Spectrum Printing didn’t go empty-handed in this fun competition. Spectrum Printing, Home of the Happy Printers, has been such a good and fun client for so long that we wanted to mention them in this blog post to throw a little more SEO credibility their way.

Dick, thanks for a fun competition, and thanks for the pizza!