Temperature Check: How Are Your Print Marketing Efforts Going?

How are you feeling about your marketing efforts so far this year? Have the first few months brought in more customers or increased sales?

If you aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for, consider the importance of a regular, monthly mailing as part of your marketing routine. Be sure your company’s name and contact information is at your customers’ fingertips, so they think of you first when they need printing!


The February download from the Download of the Month Club will get you connecting with potential and current print buyers online like never before!

This business-card-size social media networking card is the perfect way for you to get all of your online addresses into the hands of your audience. Simply add your logo and company contact information and hand out… everywhere!

If you struggle with knowing you should promote your print business more but don’t have the time to put it all together, the Download of the Month Club is your self-promotion shortcut.

With new, ready-to-print files provided to you monthly, each download is thoughtfully and precisely created to meet the marketing pain points of your business and give you a well-rounded collection of marketing collateral.

For only $9.99 a month, you can grow your business with compelling writing and impossible-to-ignore design, all neatly packed and delivered to your inbox.

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Focused product and service marketing is what you get with the FastStart mailer or postcard.

This easy-to-produce marketing product reminds your customers of the basic and unique print options you offer while making the case for why they should consider the highlighted product or service. This month’s FastStart encourages your customers to consider the impact of quality envelopes:

Know what will catch someone’s attention while sorting the mail? Your custom-printed envelope will! The power of printed envelopes is immediate and ready to work for your mail.

With its colorful, eye-catching graphics, FastStart is the right addition to any direct-mail campaign.

Coffee Break

While there are many ways to make a connection with your customers, humor is definitely one of the quickest!

One great thing about the Coffee Break newsletter is the jokes are easily repeatable, making it likely your customers will share your company name when someone asks where they heard those jokes. Here are a few from this month’s newsletter:

  • A lot of conflict in the Wild West could have been avoided if cowboy architects had just made their towns big enough for everyone!
  • Someone just called my phone, sneezed, and then hung up. I’m getting sick and tired of these cold calls.

More jokes like these, along with marketing messages that encourage the recipient to get in touch with your printing company and a calendar that is sure to have some staying power, are powerful reasons to add Coffee Break to your marketing lineup.

Local Edge

As a local print shop, you understand the importance of networking and making connections within your community.

This month’s Local Edge reminds your customers that you are their partner in creating print pieces that foster connection:

When your business needs to leave an impression on current and potential clients, remember the trust-building staying power of print!

This high-quality, oversized, printed postcard also provides an optional coupon, further encouraging your customers to stop in and see how you can partner with them!

National Direct Mail

Sometimes what your customers need is a reminder of how important their print marketing plan is to the success of their business.

You should be the one sending that reminder—and then reaping the rewards of their print orders! National Direct Mail this month focuses on the reasons your customers should be using print marketing to get the word out about their business:

Print-marketing campaigns are an effective way to increase brand awareness, generate repeat sales, and build your customer base. If your business’s bottom line could use a pick-me-up, put the power of print to work for you!

Position yourself as the solutions provider for your customers by reminding them of your expertise and desire to help them reach their sales goals!

Printer’s Press

A full-color newsletter is sure to stand out in the pile of mail your customers receive on a regular basis.

Which is just one of the reasons the Printer’s Press newsletter makes such a positive impression!

Filled with general-interest articles, marketing messages, humor, and a little of everything else, this is one piece of mail your customers will look forward to receiving!

This month’s articles include:

  • A More Relaxed Elevator Pitch
  • Feel Good While You Travel
  • Because the Finished Product Matters

If your company has been looking for a way to really make a marketing impact, Printer’s Press is an ideal solution!



The latest Ideas Collection tip, available to all website subscribers and MI4P WordPress Plugin users, positions you as just the marketing expert your audience is looking for.

Do you ever lay awake at night, filled with dread due to a problem you have no idea how to solve?

Sometimes barriers seem impenetrable until you start chipping away at a solution. But charting the course can be half the battle, especially when design is involved. You may wonder about the right color combination, the best marketing tool, or how to nail down a reasonable timeline.

With more questions than answers, people often feel trapped or overwhelmed. However, there is a simple tactic to keep momentum flowing, and this starts by naming your challenge. Effective project managers place significant emphasis on two things:

Want more? Continue reading “Overcoming Obstacles in Design.”

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