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If you’re looking for a creative way to grow your business with a loyal following of print customers, you’ll want to check out the [email protected] email newsletter! The Choice is Yours The [email protected] newsletter is emailed on your behalf on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, and contains ten minutes of fun, engaging content that your audience will

Earlier this summer, my family took a fun vacation to the beautiful Black Hills area of South Dakota. One of the best parts of going on that vacation actually happened before I even left, when I received this note from Rachel, my personal assistant: “Let me know if you need to touch base on anything before your vacation or if I can

My family loves camping. We started camping nine years ago, back when our kids were two, four, and six years old. We drove a GMC Yukon, hooked the camper up to the hitch, shoved the kids in the back seat, and hit the road. Traveling was a blast! We’re getting ready for this year’s camping season and it’s pretty much the same

Recently, some of our customers may have had problems logging in to their email accounts. We know email is like oxygen these days, you just can’t survive without it, so we’re proactively working with our customers to resolve this issue. Here’s the rest of the story: a couple of days ago, our technology partner, Rackspace, detected a possible breach in

  Emails, Customizing the [email protected] Newsletter, and Accessing Level 3 Add-ons, are some of the topics discussed in the January 28, 2013, Lightning Round Webinar. We’ve recorded it for you to view at your convenience. 00:25 — E-mail Glitch 02:37 — E-mails and your website’s Workflow 05:12 — uDesignIT! Documents on Level 1 07:52 — Question: Changing verbiage 08:37 — Question: