Security At All Costs

Recently, some of our customers may have had problems logging in to their email accounts. We know email is like oxygen these days, you just can’t survive without it, so we’re proactively working with our customers to resolve this issue.

Here’s the rest of the story: a couple of days ago, our technology partner, Rackspace, detected a possible breach in their security. They emphasized that the likelihood of any critical information being exposed is very low. Here are their exact words:

For security purposes the passwords have already been reset. Again, we’d like to mention that the data contained in the at risk files would more than likely be benign data.

Rackspace is adamant about maintaining the best security possible. So, to protect you and your information, they have reset the passwords of the email accounts that have potentially been exposed, to prevent any potential threat of someone accessing your mail, or using your account for unauthorized activities.

We have been provided with a list of the 176 affected email accounts, and are in the process of contacting account holders to assign new passwords.

We apologize for this inconvenience…but we hope you agree that your online security is worth the inconvenience.