Stand Out and Make a Connection

There is something carefree about summer that should translate to your marketing materials. No matter the climate, there’s just something different about summer days that’s more mental than the weather.

So tap into that relaxed feeling and present your company as a reliable solutions provider that understands the pace of summer and is ready to send the right message to your customers.

Coffee Break

The laidback summer atmosphere provides the ideal landing place for the humor, direct marketing message, and informative calendar found in the Coffee Break newsletter. Each aspect of this one-page powerhouse is sure to bring a smile to your customers’ faces. Jokes like…

It was my wife’s birthday and she rang me to see what time I would be home.
“Can’t talk,” I said, “I’m driving.”
“Where are you?” she asked.
She wasn’t happy when I said the seventh tee.


Why did the hipster burn his mouth on pizza? Because he ate it before it was cool.

…are sure to give readers something to look forward to each month. 

Coffee Break is a simple, no-nonsense way to make a positive impression.


Getting straight to the point with your marketing is the idea behind the FastStart mailer and postcard. This product-focused piece provides compelling reasons for customers to consider the specific printed material featured on the piece.

The best print-marketing materials help you break through the fog of competition. With beautiful, high-class door hangers, your brand will grab attention, represent you well, and show you care about quality.

Let your customers know you are there to help them look good on paper with the latest issue of FastStart, available now.

Local Edge

Sending high-quality print marketing is the perfect way to remind your customers that print marketing works! 

In a world where digital communication is at the forefront, making real connections can be hard. Print marketing provides relationship-building opportunities by binding your audience to your message. 

This month’s Local Edge opens your customers’ eyes to the importance of connecting with your customers using beautifully printed pieces.

National Direct Mail

Your marketing materials should make you stand out and get noticed. National Direct Mail this month is focused on producing marketing materials so good they get the door to increased sales opened for you.

They are created in a way that will bring you the attention you deserve. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Try new colors or styles. Break out of the old mold. Do something new. We’re here to help you along the way with your printed marketing materials. 

Printer’s Press

The variety of articles and interesting tidbits you will find in our four-page Printer’s Press newsletter is just one of the things that makes it such an effective marketing piece. 

This month’s Printer’s Press includes articles on topics like:

  • Managing clutter
  • Beautiful beaches worth visiting
  • Being visible with promotional products

Unique and interesting information delivered in a beautifully printed newsletter that includes just the right amount of sales messaging makes Printer’s Press an ideal addition to a marketing lineup.

The Window to Marketing

This month, subscribers to the websites at Marketing Ideas For Printers or WordPress Plugin users receive an all-new print tip added to their Ideas Collection on the benefits of window envelopes.

Direct mailers that use window envelopes make responding to your message easy, and they can save you time and money in the production process. Check out these tips and tricks for window envelopes that are sure to get opened.

With fresh, relevant content added to your website every month, it’s easy for your company to be the expert that print buyers will think of first whenever a need arises.

Sales are made through connection. Connection is made through content. Get access to the latest content from Marketing Ideas For Printers today!