8 Tips to Make Your Direct Mail Marketing Your Own

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The direct mail packages from Marketing Ideas For Printers couldn’t be easier! Each month we send you a link for a press-ready file of the text and artwork, two months ahead of publication. You drop in your logo and contact information, print, and mail to customers or prospects within your exclusive ZIP code(s), offering you the ability to produce consistent, reliable, high-quality content every month with minimal effort. But that doesn’t mean you get off entirely scot-free…

Launch Into Something Great

The reality is that any marketing campaign takes thought, planning, and a target to aim for. We desire to provide the best springboard for you to launch your monthly marketing campaign in a way that suits your print business and allows the greatest return on your investment. Part of that desire includes helping you discover ways to take the launchpad of the design and content we provide and then make it into something even better: your own.

Hone In

Here are eight ways that you can customize your direct-mail marketing to hone in on your target:

1) Build Your Samples Arsenal

Photograph a collection of printed pieces you are proud of or save the artwork files of recent projects you’ve created, so you have them ready to drop into your direct mail when called for.

2) Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Take photos around the shop of your team’s events or charity efforts. Also, be prepared to swap out an article in your newsletter occasionally to help make it feel local and personal.

3) Include Your Customers and Clients

Nothing builds loyalty more than an active community of clients. Consider celebrating a special client with a newsletter article or spotlight that’s all about them.

4) Print Word-of-Mouth Marketing Testimonials

Why not let your customers do the talking to prove your value? Gather client testimonials that are ready for use in a newsletter or postcard when the need arises.

5) Remove and Replace

Remember, this is your marketing. See an article that doesn’t fit your style this month? Replace one of our newsletter ads with your own ad that says just exactly what you want it to say. Plan your ads ahead of time to know what you want to focus on and when.

6) Location, Location, Location

Make it easy for your customers to find you by adding a photo of your building and/or a location map to your newsletter or postcard.

7) It’s All About Connection

For maximum impact, consider connecting your direct mail campaigns to your website. For example, if you’re using our Conquer website bundle, connect the featured products in your direct mail marketing to your Layout Templates on the website when possible by adding a link to your mailer.

8) Show Them What’s Possible!

Put a little of what makes your business special into your mailings. By adding a fun die cut, label, or print capability sample in with your newsletter, you can stand above your competition.

To learn more about the products from Marketing Ideas For Printers or to download samples of our direct mail packages, click below or give us a call at (800) 736-0688 or (701) 241-9204.