Mom Taught Us to Share

At some point in your life, we suspect that your mother (or someone else equally influential) taught you the value of sharing. Virtual sharing on the internet isn’t quite the same as the physical sharing our moms taught us, but it’s still important. The importance of sharing is what brings us to today’s big update: sharing the high-quality content on your website from Marketing Ideas For Printers is now a much bigger deal, thanks to a recent website update!

Here’s what we mean. Take a look at these pages on a Marketing Ideas For Printers’ website:

These are high-value areas on each website that receive new content from Marketing Ideas For Printers on an ongoing basis, so you’ll want to make sure this content gets shared!

Here are two ways to make your mom proud and make sure everything gets shared:

1) You do the Sharing

Every time new content shows up in these areas, you’ll want to share the new content through your social media channels. The new sharing icons on those pages make it super-easy to share the content with your social media friends, followers, and connections. Go to your website and give it a try!

2) Your Website Visitors do the Sharing

Ideally, though, you won’t be the only one doing the sharing. Your website visitors see those same sharing icons. When they see the high-value content you provide to them, they’ll be encouraged to share the content with others, too.

That makes for a lot of proud moms. Your mom will be proud of you for sharing the high-value content with your customers, and your customers’ moms will be proud that they’re sharing that same high-value content with their peers!