In a world full of clichés, many speak to the importance of doing what you love. But, it’s increasingly rare to find a genuine example of someone loving what they do and pouring their whole heart into doing it. When I met with Tom Lancaster of Litho Press, it was quickly and abundantly clear that Tom hits the ground running

Iconic printer Benjamin Franklin once said, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Continual business growth is something that’s always expected but never really explained. How do you grow? When is the right time to take those bold next steps? These are questions that More Than Ink Printing in Jacksonville, Florida, has

Big Red Printing has been providing quality printing services for businesses and organizations since January 1985. Run by president and owner Gene Walter, along with his partners Caleb Priebe and Joanna Sena, Big Red Printing is making an impact in Norfolk and Columbus, Nebraska. Gene says Big Red Printing’s start in the printing business happened in a way that most

BCP Digital Printing, located in the bustling metropolis of Baltimore, Maryland, is possibly the only full-time, Black-owned book printing company in the United States. Print entrepreneurs get their start in the printing industry in various ways. Some are born into it, watching their family start the business from scratch in the garage and carrying on the family legacy. Others are

Located in the “Valley of the Sun,” Cereus Graphics has called Phoenix, Arizona, home since 1973. If you do the math, you’ll quickly recognize that this one-of-a-kind printing firm is celebrating 50 years in the business this year! Five decades of service is quite a legacy, and it’s been made possible primarily because of the Cereus Graphics team, a group

Pioneer [payh-uh-neer] n., One who goes before to prepare or open the way for others to follow. Have you ever stopped to think how much courage it takes to be the first at something? Sure, it’s easy to spout off words like “pioneer” and “trailblazer,” but consider how challenging it is to go your own way and go there first.

Print owners are a one-of-a-kind, stellar group of people. Speak with any number of them, and you’ll quickly find incredible, talented, and hardworking people who simply want to serve others well and make a living in the process. It is a true joy and pleasure to work within the printing industry and meet these incredible men and women stretching themselves

While some people might dream of one day trying their hand at owning a business, others seem to simply fall into it because of their natural giftings. Jeramiah Townsend of Basin Printing is one of those born-to-be entrepreneurs. With a heart for innovation, a passion for helping others succeed, and business organization skills that could rival the famous Marie Kondo,

“Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success.” – Henry Ford Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, was a visionary on innovation whose love for learning and perseverance profoundly shaped the 20th century. Ford, and innovators like him, have the self-confidence, vision, and leadership abilities to see things differently, and the courage to

There’s a quote by Zimbabwean-born and Canadian-based philosopher Matshona Dhilwayo that goes like this: “The ordinary think inside of the box, the extraordinary think outside of the box, but the genius thinks inside, outside, below and above the box.” Dick Olenych, owner of Spectrum Printing (Home of the Happy Printers) in Virginia Beach, Virginia, uses this genius-described way of thinking

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