THINK SPRING! Ditch The Dormancy with Inspiring Print Content

Ready to shake off the doldrums and overcome dormancy in your print sales?

Bring a fresh lift with some of the professional, lively content available to you through Marketing Ideas For Printers. Here’s a preview of the upcoming April editions (available for download now):

Printer’s Press

Our most popular newsletter, Printer’s Press appeals to all audiences with its contemporary, fun feel.

The April edition offers your customers a breath of fresh air with spring cleaning tips, a feature on the health benefits of probiotics, an inspiring DHL courier print ad with transparent overlay print layers, and a finishing tips article that coaches your clients to look their best on paper.

Printer’s Press reminds your clients that you never stop short, but “run hard all the way through the finish line to ensure [their] presentation in print is perfect every time.”

Business Forum

Inspire your customers with business, life, and real print solutions with the Business Forum newsletter.

This month we offer 10 proven ways to market business websites, steps to avoid productivity killers at work, a table tent print feature, advice for stopping cravings in their tracks, and a parent’s warning article about apps kids should avoid.

April’s newsletter also offers a handy “service skills checklist” your customers can use to evaluate whether their business is making a good impression, asking the right questions, presenting a strong “ask,” and more!

Coffee Break

Offering humor and light-hearted banter, Coffee Break makes it easy for you to continue your warm relationship with valued clients. This month, poke fun at the foibles of aging:

    “My stomach is FLAT. The L is just silent.”

    “Question: Where do people over 50 look for fashionable eyeglasses? Answer: On their foreheads.”

More than just fun and games, Coffee Break is a sample of imagination at work, reminding your customers that to dazzle an audience, “there’s no substitute for stunning, meticulously crafted, creative print marketing that gets your message heard.”


This product-of-the-month print feature, FastStart reminds your clients to put their best foot forward with classy custom envelopes.

Custom envelopes do more than carry a message from point A to B: they feature your brand and show people you care.

April’s FastStart reminds your clients to put their professional image first with creative envelopes from you:

“Statistics show that stylish colored envelopes enjoy an open rate nine times higher than white or manila envelopes. Whether your preference is recycled and rustic or sophisticated and simple, stylish envelopes bring your mailings the limelight they deserve.”

Local Edge

This “benefits of buying local” postcard, Local Edge showcases the relational advantages of working with a hometown printer.

People buy from people they trust, and you can help them build that bridge with tasteful promotional products, crisp networking tools, or heartwarming tokens of appreciation.

Remind your clients that, “local printing puts our expertise at your disposal to create imaginative products you’ll be thrilled to give away!”

Ideas Collection

The Ideas Collection offers print, design, marketing, and tech tips to every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers.

This month’s design tip coaches your clients to use arresting color contrasts to make an image recede or advance on a page, to influence the way viewers perceive size, or to make their focal point sing.

Walk them through the basics of color theory and offer practical examples for adjusting color hues, values, and saturation to manipulate the brain and to stir an emotional response in their viewers!

Nourish YOUR Business

Ready to wake up dormant clients or nourish your business with expanded sales strategies?

Maybe it’s time to consider some of the affordable, vibrant options available to you today! Download free samples or contact us here to chat about options.