Sell More Printing: Celebrate New Business with a Money Tree

Welcome to the start of a new feature to help you Sell More Printing!

This article aims to highlight the exceptional sales and marketing efforts of others so you can adapt them to help you sell more printing. First in our sights is the Money Tree, which provides a creative and clever way to show appreciation to your best customers.

The Money Tree

The Money Tree is an actual plant. (Its fancy name is “Pachira aquatica” if you need proof!)

The name makes it sound like it has a centuries-old legend attached to it, but its story is just a few decades old. Its popularity started in the 1980s when a Taiwanese truck driver braided the trunks of five small trees in a single flowerpot.

Here’s a picture of the Money Tree I keep sitting on my desk:

Send a Money Tree to High-Value Print Buyers

Here at Marketing Ideas For Printers, I now send a Money Tree to subscribers purchasing a premium subscription service by following this simple process.

  1. First, I make an informal YouTube video that shows my Money Tree and mentions how we’ll both be able to fertilize our Money Trees and grow together.
  2. We then have a Money Tree delivered to the subscriber.
  3. The Money Tree includes a personalized note that says, “Welcome to Marketing Ideas For Printers! Let’s grow together.”
  4. The note also includes a link to the personalized YouTube video I created in step one.
  5. Finally, when I have proof the Money Tree was delivered, I email the recipient to let them know to look for their delivery. The email also includes a link to the same personalized YouTube video.

We’ve just started sending the Money Trees out, and the results have been outstanding. Each recipient has reached out personally to express their gratitude for this thoughtful gesture and the sentiment of growing together.

How This Helps You Sell More Printing

When you acquire a high-value customer, consider taking a moment to celebrate the start of a mutually beneficial relationship by gifting them a Money Tree to them. Doing so is a fantastic way to kickstart and solidify a new business relationship.

A Sample Video Message

If you’re intrigued by this idea, connect with Marketing Ideas For Printers on LinkedIn. We’ll share our preferred online Money Tree supplier and provide a sample of the video message I prepare for recipients.

Now it’s your turn! What have you seen that has inspired your sales and marketing efforts? Send a note about what you noticed to and your sighting may be featured in a future article!