Increase Website Traffic with Professional SEO Services for Printers

Gravity is the force by which a planet or other body draws objects toward its center.

Every body in the solar system exerts a force on those around it, with Jupiter wielding the strongest pull and the moon exerting one of the weakest. Even your own physical body exerts a gravitational influence on the things around you (though this force is negligible due to how tiny you are compared to the planets!).

If you’ve ever slipped off a ladder or tumbled from a tree, you know Earth’s gravity is basically unstoppable. So, here’s a question. What if your business could exert gravitational force on potential leads and soon-to-be customers? Wouldn’t you want to flip this power switch to the ‘ON’ setting? Wouldn’t you want to do this as soon as possible?

Enhance SEO and Get Found Online

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of enhancing your website to increase its visibility on Google, Microsoft Bing, and other engines people might use to find:

  • Products you sell
  • Services you provide
  • Professional advice and answers from your experienced team

Think of SEO as a magnetic map that not only leads people to your website but irresistibly draws them to do business with you. Optimizing your website isn’t just a good idea – it’s your gateway to a spike in sales.

5 Reasons Printers Hire MI4P for SEO

Want a winning recipe for SEO success? Here it is:

  1. Get noticed.
  2. Win customers.

Sound simple? Not exactly.

As much as you would love to augment your website for perfect visibility and traction, SEO is an ongoing process that requires consistent effort and monitoring. To rise to the top and remain competitive among other printing businesses, hiring an SEO expert who knows your business is one of your best options.

We can help! Here are 5 reasons printing companies hire Marketing Ideas for Printers for SEO services.

1. Front Runner Visibility

Most people who type a web query never scan beyond the first page of results.

If you’re not featured on the front page of search results, you’re practically invisible. Want to change that? Our SEO experts use a combination of data-driven analytics and a comprehensive review of your website to improve your organic (unpaid) search results. This includes:

  • An initial (FREE!) SEO consult meeting
  • Customized internal linking and meta data optimization
  • Competitor comparison feedback
  • Insight reporting and ongoing keyword tracking results
  • Consistent SEO performance tweaks paired with pro tips on adapting to modern markets

2. Bulls-Eye Targeted Content

In a crowded digital landscape, smart marketers do more than just follow their prospects; they anticipate where leads might appear and position themselves accordingly.

Customized SEO enables you to create website content tailored to the specific needs of your print buyers, and targeted content makes it easier for people to discover your website and be drawn by the tempting “bait” you place before them.

Targeted content aims to pair YOUR solutions with THEIR felt needs. Like this:

How can _____ (CONTENT) solve _______’s (CUSTOMER) problem with _______ (FELT NEED)?

Custom content is the lead magnet you need to create trust and build desire. Our team can help you optimize your site with target keywords, customer engagement tools, and with practical resources that are simple to find, easy to read, and engaging to prospects.

3. Improved User Experience

If you want people to buy from you, make it as easy as possible!

Streamlined SEO will enhance your website visitor’s experience by simplifying navigation and leading guests straight to the page they need.

Less clicks + better call-to-action hooks = more print sales. It’s that simple!

Today, over 70% of buying decisions are made before a conversation with a real live human even occurs. Starting with your marketing goals and real-time analytics, we’ll work to identify customer needs, streamline your website, and maximize conversions.

Eliminate the guesswork and maximize your online real estate today.

4. Real-Time Data and Hands-On Coaching

SEO requires rich, relevant, real-time data.

Having this information in hand is one thing. Understanding it is another!

Outsource this mental maze to professionals who untangle the data, understand the latest techniques and algorithm changes, and know how to navigate the complexities of a changing print market. Here at Marketing Ideas for Printers, we GET both the nitty-gritty of printing and the intricacies of guiding customers through cyberspace.

From big-picture website design to delicate, data-driven course corrections, we’ll help you assess competitive pressures and keep pace in today’s market.

5. Results that Speak for Themselves

Why use Marketing Ideas for Printers for your SEO management?

Printers who partner with us say the returns are palpable. Consider these testimonials:

“Our website helped us take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO), which gave us a greater prominence on search engines when potential customers searched for a print shop.” (Felipe Martinez, SaveMor Digital Printing, Brooklyn, NY)

“We’ve been partnering with MI4P for 25 years for our website, direct mail, and now SEO. It’s great working with a team for SEO that understands printing and our website and has our success in mind every day. We started seeing SEO results quickly and are excited to have this be a part of our marketing mix.” (Jaci Maher, A-Link Printing & Marketing Solutions, Pittsburgh, PA)

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Every print professional can benefit from a review of SEO strategy, a fresh perspective on their website, and actionable tips for immediate implementation.

Want to put your “magnetic map” into motion? Flip the gravitational power switch to ON – and your stress level to OFF – as you let our team guide you in that journey.

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