Real Relationships Bring Better Results

Why do you instinctively tap the brake when you spy a state trooper ahead?

For that matter, why do people litter more in dark theaters than other public places or why does a teacher’s absence make students more likely to cheat?

The idea is simple: People who believe they’re being watched behave better than those who know they are not. Why? Perhaps it’s partially reputation management and partially fear (negative consequences for “bad” behavior).

To live in communities, each of us abides by certain social standards, putting the good of the whole above the will of the individual. And together, we ARE better! It takes a great coach to mold an outstanding athlete. It takes a healthy community to energize innovation. Our personal and professional success is directly related to the consistent, motivating relationships we have.

Accountable Partnerships and Outstanding Service

This month’s Local Edge, our “benefits of buying local” direct mail postcard, highlights the quality products your customers receive as a personal, valuable client of your company.

As someone who knows their name, shakes their hand, and is committed to their success, your print partnership means accountability and longevity that inspires the highest standard of excellence.

Real relationships bring better results. Remind them of that local advantage today! Preview a free Local Edge sample or contact us below to hear more.