How to Make an Idea Stick

The Golden Touch

Do you have anyone in your life a bit like Midas?

You know, where everything they touch turns to gold? It seems favor follows them at every turn and they garner respect wherever they go. While not all of us possess that charismatic charm, it is possible to grow in our delivery. And that starts with compelling communication.

Creating the Framework for Ideas that Stick

How is it that some people can share their ideas in a way that resonates so well with their audience, while others can drop a great idea that falls completely flat?

This month’s marketing tip, available on every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, offers your clients a framework for creating memorable, useful content for their flyers, business cards, banners, and more. This framework starts with five key questions:

Does your content make people:

  1. Pay attention?
  2. Understand and remember it?
  3. Agree/Believe?
  4. Care?
  5. Be able to act on the message?

Bringing in Emotion

Businesses want people to remember the idea — so it’s essential to make it feel concrete.

When readers care about an idea, they are one step closer to buying into the overall concept, and ideas become more “sticky.” Frame ideas in a way that is relatable to the reader: through stories, by creating images that evoke empathy, referencing readers’ pain points, or tempting them through their dreams and desires. When a writer stirs emotions, it creates a deeper level of connection with the concept or product. Encourage your clients to begin with the reader in mind and they will have a sure shot at engaging and delighting listeners!

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