Are You an Example Worth Following?

Leadership is not just about power or authority; it’s about being an example worth following.

A good leader inspires, motivates, and guides others toward success. But what truly sets a leader apart from others is their positive influence.

In an age where online marketing initiatives dominate the landscape, many printers are missing out on a highly effective and often overlooked strategy – direct mail.

Are you leveraging the power of direct mail to promote your business? Drive your 2024 sales forward and be an example worth following by putting direct mail to work for you!

Why Should Print Companies Use and Promote the Benefits of Direct Mail?

Direct mail stands out in the crowded digital marketplace, providing a unique way to capture the attention of potential customers overwhelmed by online ads.

Unlike digital marketing, it offers a personal touch through physical mail, establishing a direct connection with your audience. Embracing direct mail diversifies your business, attracting clients who may not have considered print for their marketing needs.

By promoting the benefits of direct mail positions you as an industry expert and leader, you inspire customers to integrate it into their plans and boost sales for both parties.

Embrace the power of direct mail and differentiate yourself from other printers by demonstrating your unwavering commitment to helping clients achieve unparalleled success.

Explore Ready-to-Use Direct Mail Package Options

If you are short on time or resources, consider the flexibility and convenience of ready-to-use direct mail packages from Marketing Ideas For Printers.

Below are five direct mail options (listed alphabetically) with professionally designed, ready-to-print content refreshed monthly.

  • Coffee Break: Featuring fresh jokes and quips, cartoons, and a fun fact-a-day calendar, Coffee Break prompts smiles and builds connections with your clients.
  • FastStart: Tired of losing sales because your customers don’t know what you have to offer? You can showcase who you are and what you print in high-quality, full-color design with FastStart.
  • Local Edge: Local Edge is specifically designed to highlight the four advantages of using a local printer. It displays these advantages through a four-month style rotation within the design.
  • National Direct Mail: This robust, complete marketing campaign features a mailer, self-mailer, postcard, envelope, and social media and email marketing content for a comprehensive marketing campaign every month.
  • Printer’s Press: Designed as a multi-purpose newsletter, Printer’s Press works well for both your B2B and B2C audiences. Each month, it features a print product theme with articles, ads, coupons, and more.

With so many great options, choosing which one you like best can be hard. Click here to compare direct mail packages at a glance!

Enjoy the Advantages of Custom Marketing Services

For a more tailored approach, Custom Marketing Services are the perfect solution.

By outsourcing your marketing to a qualified team, experienced writers and a top-notch design team are at your disposal, ready to create personalized marketing pieces that showcase your print business in the best light.

From mailable postcards to brochures and inserts, the professional expertise of a reputable marketing firm can boost your print sales to new heights.

Blaze a Trail with Direct Mail!

Don’t let your business suffer from missed opportunities.

Embrace the power of direct mail and unlock your print company’s untapped potential. Whether you choose ready-to-use Direct Mail Marketing or Custom Marketing Services, incorporating direct mail into your marketing efforts will help you stand out, engage your target audience, and drive sales.

Now is the time to take action. Get started by downloading direct mail samples today!