FAQ: Which Direct Mail For Printers Package is Best for My Print Business?

Direct mail marketing is not only an excellent choice for advertising your business (no matter what business you’re in), but it’s also a great way for you, as a printer, to showcase your quality handiwork!

You’ve already seen print marketing work firsthand for countless other businesses that you’ve helped personally with their direct mail campaigns. It seems only natural that you would want the same results with direct mail marketing of your own.

So, what’s holding you back?

Whether it’s time, money, or coming up with the content on your own, you CAN easily provide informative, engaging content on a regular basis that promotes your print business.


Back in 1988, a friendly printer was frustrated that it was so time-consuming and expensive to create his own direct mail marketing. So, he had the idea to create direct mail campaigns as camera-ready artwork so other printers could benefit, too!

That friendly printer was Mike Stevens, our late founder.

It didn’t take long for other printers to grab hold of the marketing help. Many printers reported that the direct mail campaigns offered provided them with much better artwork than they could design in their own shop, at a fraction of the time and cost. And best of all, there were options!


Ready to get off of the sidelines and into the game for yourself?

Below are six direct mail options to choose from (listed in alphabetical order) for ready-made direct mail campaigns delivered to your inbox on time every month.

1. Business Forum

With articles that go deeper, give useful advice, and remind customers of the limitless printing possibilities that you provide, you’ll make an instant impact with Business Forum.
Geared towards your corporate customers (B2B), Business Forum is a modern, eight-page newsletter focused on the work/life balance of business professionals. Each month, Business Forum focuses on a different product or print ideas, as well as the following articles:
  • General business
  • Print Advantage feature
  • Letter from the owner (you!)
  • The Art of Family
  • Customer Care
  • Print in Action
  • Innovation and Customer Service
  • Business quotes
  • Business book review
  • and more!

Business Forum is best for…  longer-form, relationship-building content to leave a professional impression with your corporate clients. Features a business cover letter and envelope for a stellar presentation.

“The Business Forum makes us look serious and mature, and we got lots of compliments when we switched to it from Printer’s Press. Not only is it a useful way to keep our Heidelberg GTO in tune by running the same job every month, but it also makes us look much smarter and better than our competitors who don’t mail Business Forum.”
– Craig Vestal of Portage Printing in Portage, Michigan.

2. Coffee Break

Coffee Break is designed to create strong front-of-mind awareness about your printing firm, using the proven selling tool of humor.
Featuring fresh jokes and quips, cartoons, and a fun fact-a-day calendar for maximum staying power, Coffee Break prompts smiles and builds connections between you and your clients.
Coffee Break is best for… all audiences, showcasing the lighter side of life, and using in conjunction with other “meatier” packages, such as Business Forum or Printer’s Press.

“We hoped to lighten the outlook and help promote a brighter future to come. The Coffee Break newsletter from Marketing Ideas For Printers helps promote that hope with the jokes and sometimes juvenile outlooks that take you back to a simpler time in our lives.”
– Yancy Stults, Sr., of Minute Print It, Inc. in Lebanon, Indiana.

3. FastStart

FastStart earns its reputation for its product-focused approach. Focused on a different product each month, it conveys to your prospects and customers your capabilities and how print marketing products can grow and benefit their businesses.

If you’re tired of losing sales because your customers don’t know what you have to offer, you can showcase who you are and what you print in high-quality, full-color design with FastStart.

FastStart is best for… product highlights and versatility. Featuring both a fold-over mailer and postcard, FastStart has multiple distribution options. Pairs well with other packages to highlight product promotions.

4. Local Edge

This robust, low-cost solution will set you apart from the big box printers by showcasing your strengths and highlighting what sets you apart through the power of a simple postcard each month.

Local Edge is specifically designed to highlight the four advantages that can only come through a local printer and displays them through a four-month style rotation within the design.

  • The Print Advantage,
  • The Local Advantage,
  • The Creative Advantage, and
  • The People Advantage.

Local Edge is best for… making your local presence known, mass mailings, Every Door Direct Mail, and showcasing simple, yet impossible-to-ignore print marketing.

“Keeping ourselves in front of other area small businesses helps us maintain our reputation of a reliable, community resource. We use Local Edge from Marketing Ideas For Printers as our locally-focused direct mail solution. Mailing it every month helps keep our revenue consistent, and we even see an uptick in our sales after mailing.”
– Joe Donahue of Snap Print in Hopkins, Minnesota

5. National Direct Mail

National Direct Mail combines design and content elements from your favorite Marketing Ideas For Printers’ direct mail packages with one, notable difference: no zip code restrictions!
This robust, complete marketing campaign features a mailer, self-mailer, postcard, envelope, and social media and email marketing content for a complete marketing campaign every month. It also includes a sample campaign schedule, so you have step-by-step instructions on how to execute the perfect marketing campaign.

National Direct Mail is best for… mailing to a substantial number of zip codes (national), reaching a broad audience, and multi-channel campaigns.

“I have used different direct mail packages in the past, but I switched to National Direct Mail as soon as we heard about it. National Direct Mail allows us to show more of our capabilities. It creates a consistent message across all of our marketing. Plus, it just makes us look great!”
– Doug Smith of PaperGraphics Printing in Temple, Texas 

6. Printer’s Press

Printer’s Press has been our most popular direct mail product since its debut in 1988. Written to appeal to all audiences, it is intended to present your printing firm as a well-informed and good-natured business.

Designed as a multi-purpose newsletter, it works well for both your B2B and B2C audiences. Not only does Printer’s Press feature a print product theme each month with articles, ads, coupons, and more, but it also rounds out your print buyers’ reading pleasure with topics, such as:

  • Travel
  • Wellness
  • Did you know facts
  • Can you guess the year
  • Trivia
  • Letter from the owner
  • and more!

Printer’s Press is best for… all occassions. It hits all the notes of informative content, product features, and more. Features layered options for your choice of a general purpose or print-specific cover article, as well as coupon, ad, and multiple mail distribution options.

People comment on the articles all of the time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a customer’s office and the receptionist knows who I am even though we had never met. My picture in the newsletter adds that personal touch.”
~ Patrick Ryan, Modern Press, Albany, New York


With so many great options, it can be hard to choose which one you like best. Take a look at the chart below for an easy comparison between packages:


Download a Printer-Friendly PDF version of this chart here


Don’t spend all of your days promoting other businesses. Now is your time to spread the word about your print company and all that you have to offer! Get started by downloading samples today!