How do you measure Mike's impact?

Look to Mike's Family

Mike's love for his wife and daughters was limitless. He loved them dearly. In Mike's own innovative way, he turned his family into a business, complete with a mission and goals. The business is known as The Stevens Family and it has been a success since the day it was incorporated and will continue to be a success well into the future.

Look to his community.

Mike loved Fargo, and he loved North Dakota. He loved this area so much, he made the decision to build his career here. Businesses and individuals in the Fargo-Moorhead community knew that Express Press was not just a local print shop, it was an experience. Mike was fond of saying, "Our roots are here, not our branches," and that was evident in everything he did.

Mike gave back to the community that gave so much to him. His vision to create the Fargo Walk of Fame on the sidewalk in front of Express Press is one of the most visible examples of his love for community, and when it was time for Express Press to move from its downtown location, he literally gave the Walk of Fame back to the community.

Look to his influence on the printing industry.

Mike loved printing. His career was defined by these words: “I Am a Printer.” Mike used that phrase to sign all of his writings and end his statements. Mike was driven to create success for the team at Express Press, but his vision was so much bigger than just that. Mike wanted to provide other printers with the tools to create their own success; that was the passion that drove him to create Ink Inc., Websites For Printers, and all of the services offered by Marketing Ideas For Printers today. If you were to ask Mike, he'd tell you that the world simply wouldn't function without printing.

Mike's passion was recognized by an entire industry. He was a highly-revered industry speaker, columnist and author, and winner of the “Triple Crown of Printing,” which is comprised of the top three awards from leading printing industry associations: the National Association of Printers and Lithographers (NAPL, now Idealliance), the National Association of Quick Printers (NAQP, now Idealliance), and the Printing Industries of America (PIA). In 2009, Mike was awarded the printing industry ‘Award of Distinction’ at the NAQP annual convention, and in 2013, Mike became the first charter member of the all-new National Print Owners Association (NPOA).

Look to the lives of all of us.

How many lives has Mike's life touched? His legacy reaches to thousands upon thousands upon thousands. Everyone at Express Press and Marketing Ideas For Printers has benefited from Mike's influence, and we are dedicated to building upon and continuing his legacy.

Look to his faith.

One more thing ... Mike never shied away from sharing the stories of his faith in Jesus Christ. While earthly grief is something we all must process, it will one day give way to eternal joy at a time when all who proclaim the name of Jesus will again be reunited! Mike looks forward to that reunion and seeing you again someday in eternity.

Remembering Mike Stevens