How Newsletters Bring a Rock-Solid Return

In the early 1990s, one of the leading direct response fundraising agencies was the Domain Group, based in Seattle. The company was known for record-breaking fundraising campaigns, generating $40 million a year in billing for clients like The Salvation Army, The Lance Armstrong Foundation, and Prison Fellowship. One of its legacies was the “Domain Formula,” a painstakingly researched-focus approach on the most effective format for printed newsletters. While formerly print newsletters had been a “money-losing necessity,” these experiments tightened content and enhanced presentation so effectively that many organizations found their newsletters generated greater response than all other direct mail pieces.

Printed Newsletters Cement Their Credibility

This month’s FastStart, our monthly product feature mailer, highlights printed newsletters as the “glue” that can multiply prospects and lock in loyalty. In today’s digital clatter, it takes stellar communication to bring each message to the forefront. Newsletters bring fantastic return because they are personable, classy, and full of human interest elements. Our June FastStart mailer gives great tips about adding energizing incentives and engaging features that are vivid, authentic, and fun.

A Rock-Solid Return

Looking to bring your clients from passive to proactive in a quick, colorful package? Remind them that your sharp, animated newsletter designs can demonstrate expertise, build client confidence, or offer meaningful recognition for employees and clients. Whether they feature upcoming events or a personal word from the president, newsletters bring a memorable edge as they position their brand, build website traffic, and foster rapport that will never get lost in an inbox.

Raise Your Game

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