One Glance is All You Get

One glance is truly all it takes, and recent eye-tracking studies demonstrate how quickly first impressions happen.

Dr. Hong Sheng, assistant professor of technology at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, employed eye-tracking software to analyze scan and response patterns as students viewed website screenshots. Subjects averaged merely 180 milliseconds on a particular section before moving on (in comparison, 185 milliseconds is about the time it takes for a helicopter rotor to make one full rotation!).

It took users less than two-tenths of a second to form first impressions which significantly affected outcomes. “The longer the participants stayed on the page, the more favorable their impressions were,” Sheng said. “First impressions are important for keeping people on pages and . . . (these impressions) can determine whether that user forms a favorable or unfavorable view of that organization.”

First Impressions that Keep on Giving

If a website glance can have such impact, how crucial are personal interactions and large-scale displays? This month’s FastStart mailer touts the power of the first glance, and the ability to stop traffic with vivid displays and unique conference materials. Help your clients be prepared with clear and compelling resources at every touchpoint! From colorful backdrops to great giveaways, spectacular conference materials may determine whether prospects engage or bypass an important opportunity.

Conference Materials with a Bold, Brilliant Impact

Use the May FastStart to highlight the simplicity and convenience your conference prep can bring:

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