If Only There Was A 100% Guarantee

Imagine yourself standing on a towering cliff, ready to repel down the rock face for the very first time. Though you’ve been coached through the technique and the trustworthiness of the ropes, you’re still uncertain. What nudges you over the edge? Ego preservation? A spirit of adventure? If only there was a 100% guarantee of how this jump will end!

Packaging Matters

Sometimes marketing has a similar feel. So much is invested, with no certain outcome. Will the risk be worth the result? What are some constants you can bank on when navigating unfamiliar terrain? Well, for starters, SOMETHING is better than nothing (nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?).

Another simple truth is this: packaging matters. If you want people to consider your offer, think carefully about how you present it because 100% of a brand’s customers will interact with its packaging upon receiving the message (and at every other touch point between a company and its prospects).

Help Them Shine Strong with Brilliant Custom Envelopes

The April FastStart recognizes this truth, encouraging your customers to shine strong with creative custom envelopes:

Studies show that often packaging matters as much as the message, and quality custom envelopes feature your brand, your creativity, and your proficiency in one quick glance . . . Are your envelopes offering people your first and your best? . . . In a world of visual clutter, excellent envelopes are a vital component of every marketing mix. Whether its embossed, frosted, oversized, or foil-seal stamped, we’ll be sure your envelopes are distinct, attractive, and appealing. Great envelopes offer a message that is classy and confident, just like you.

Risk is scary, but rewards are satisfying! With you as their guide, customers can surge forward with confidence today. Ready to take the leap yourself? Give us a call at (701) 241-9204 or (800) 736-0688, or click below to download a free sample.