Odyssey is a Print MIS for Online and Legacy Success

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As I’ve visited with printers about Odyssey and told them that Odyssey is a Print MIS that directly connects to their website, it’s easy for them to see that Odyssey easily manages online print orders. Because of Odyssey’s seamless connection to websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers, printers can sometimes overlook how well Odyssey handles legacy orders too, which leads to printers asking this question:

How does Odyssey handle legacy orders?

Here are three of the entry points for print orders in Odyssey.

Self-Serve Online Orders

These are the online orders placed by your customers with no assistance from you. Your customers sit at their desk at work (or at home in their pajamas, for that matter), fill out an order form on your website, and click the Place an Order button. Just a fraction of a second later, there’s an order in Odyssey (your Print MIS), and everyone on your team is alerted that print production can start.

Guided Orders

Guided orders are like self-serve orders because they also use an order form found on your website. But, these order forms are intended to be used by your team to guide your customers through the process of ordering printing. Your team will want to guide an order when the order is more complex than the customer can handle on their own with a self-serve order form. These order forms are restricted from the self-serve workflow and have additional options available for your team to use when guiding a customer is necessary.

Estimates for Custom Printing

We all know that not every print order fits into a nice, tidy, predictable box. When your customer is asking for a printing quote or estimate, Odyssey can handle that, too. That entry point for ordering printing starts from your view of Odyssey and is delivered to your customer when you’ve created a complete estimate.

Watch This

It’s easier to show in a video than it is to explain in words, so to see all the entry points of ordering printing with Odyssey, watch this. (You can trim off the first 5 minutes and start watching at 5:08):

Ready to learn more? Join a webinar available every Tuesday or Thursday, or request a personal web meeting. Both options can be found on the Odyssey website.


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