Top 5 Reasons Printers Subscribe to Websites from MI4P

Jay Conrad Levinson once said, “Your website is the window of your business. Keep it fresh; keep it exciting.”

When online visitors show up on your digital doorstep, the first impression you leave with them is critical. So ask yourself: what are your print buyers learning about your business when given the opportunity to peek through your online “window”?

A website can make or break your business, which is why it needs to remain one of your top priorities. When you focus on meeting the needs of today’s print buyers and selling more printing, you’ll quickly understand these top five reasons why printers choose the websites at Marketing Ideas For Printers.

1. Exclusively FOR PRINTERS

Studies indicate that 175 websites are created every minute. That’s a new website every three seconds!

While numbers like these might paint the picture that websites are a dime a doze, that’s simply not the case. Your website needs to fit the unique needs of your business and industry, and it needs to mold the wants and needs of your print buyers.

The websites at Marketing Ideas For Printers were built by printers for printers. Who better to help you navigate your online presence than someone who has been where you’re at and understands printing?

Check out what Derek Brooks of Brandywine Printing has to say:

“We have been able to reach new prospects who have, in turn, converted to customers via our website. In several cases, we meet the customer for the first time when they come to pick their (paid for) job up. One customer, we have never seen or spoken to. Everything is done via the website, and we ship every order! More importantly, we have been able to create private order forms for some of our larger customers with multiple buyers. These websites make ordering for them very easy, and eliminate the estimating and proofing process for us.”

Can your website do that?

2. Easy

What good is a stellar website if it’s so complicated you can’t use it?

While building and maintaining a website takes time, it doesn’t have to:

  • Want to instantly gain online credibility with fresh, engaging, automatically-updated-on-your-behalf content? Check.
  • How about offering the web-to-print tools your print buyers expect? Yep. Check.

With regular content updates, relevant online ordering solutions, and free technical support, you can see how “ease of use” makes the list for website subscribers.

“I went from about twelve orders a month ten years ago to averaging 180-240 orders per month from online storefronts. Plus, 90% of the storefronts I’ve set up for customers have been used longer than eight years.” – Gary Chmielewski, Northern Ohio Printing

3. Build relationships through content

Relationships build partnerships. Partnerships build empires.

In other words, when you focus on building relationships, you focus on growing your print business. The website subscribers at MI4P love being able to extend a relationship-building content invitation with their automatically updated website content, including:

  • The Ideas Collection. Be the industry expert with print, design, and marketing tips
  • What’s New? Links to the best of the web to grow your domain authority and SEO
  • Greatest Treasures. Get your site bookmarked with this helpful resource collection
  • Popular Graphic Arts Software. Take the guesswork out of graphic design software

Enjoy a hassle-free website that is always relevant with a steady stream of content that keeps your print buyers and Google smiling!

“Our website helped us take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO), which gave us a greater prominence on search engines when potential customers searched for a print shop.” – Felipe Martinez, SaveMor Digital Printing

4. Turning relationships into sales

The relationships you cultivate through relevant content have to turn into actual sales.

Think of it this way: you welcome your print buyers to your website through your content, but it can’t stop there. You have to be able to give them the tools to then place an order. Don’t fall short by welcoming them to your website only for them to discover they can’t actually do anything once they get there.

The Order Forms, included with websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers, are the heart of online ordering and the hub for all other online ordering solutions on your website.

  • Make ordering online quick and easy for your print buyers
  • Send online proofs efficiently
  • Easily manage orders all the way through print production
  • And More!

The online ordering technology doesn’t stop at order forms. Subscribers also enjoy e-commerce essentials, including Secure File Transfers, Order History, Unlimited Customer & Company Accounts, and Customizable Shipping and Payment Options

“I get paid before the job is even in production with online ordering! I love that! I love getting up in the morning, coming in the back door of the shop, and seeing the orders that have come in – especially new customers.” – Dick Olenych, Spectrum Printing

5. Grows with your business

Lastly, subscribers love how their website can grow with their business.

Want to focus on your B2B customers? Add the Reorder Forms Library, uDesignIt!, or Private Label Website add-on. Or, maybe you want to dig deep into your data and focus on Website Analytics and SEO. All of those are options for you to add to your Base Website whenever it works best for you. You can customize your website offering to precisely what you need AND still get a feature-rich foundation.

“We’ve always been impressed with the service that Marketing Ideas For Printers provides. As our company has grown, they have updated and improved their offerings to better meet our needs. From the very start, they have guided us through the process, and every time I’ve called, there has been a friendly voice on the other end to help me solve any problems.” – Tom and Dan Purcell, Purcell Printing


Selling more printing starts here.

Start growing your print business today with the unbeatable website combination of content and online ordering technology. After all, you deserve a website that works as hard as you do.

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