Stand Out and Make a Connection

Growing sales requires the right combination of high-quality marketing, solid products and services, and attentive customer care.

You can count on us to provide you with marketing materials that are sure to impress your customers, so you can focus on all the other things that make your company great.


When you’re looking to send a simple marketing message that gives your customers just the right amount of information about what your company can do for them, FastStart is the right choice. 

Professional copies, whether color or black-and-white, show pride to your customers. It represents your level of quality, and we take that seriously. That’s why we make sure your copies are crisp, clear, and look as good as the original. It’s your image, and we know you work hard for it. 

Local Edge

Encouraging your customers to partner with your local company is easy to do with Local Edge. Simply mailing the oversized postcard each month keeps your company front of mind and positions it as the solutions expert.

Refresh the details of your designs and cultivate confidence with an identity that’s all your own. 

Local printing allows you to collaborate each step of the way, avoiding the cookie cutter so your unique voice is authentically expressed. 

Easy to print and distribute, Local Edge makes it easy to make a consistent connection.

Coffee Break

Your customers are looking for something to lighten their days, and our Coffee Break newsletter is just what they need.

Clean jokes, gentle advertising, and a calendar worth keeping make this simple one-page newsletter an ideal addition to your marketing lineup.

National Direct Mail

Maintaining solid relationships with your current customers continues to be worth the investment.

This month’s National Direct Mail encourages the reader to consider how they can show their appreciation and hopefully increase business.

Keep your name in front of your customers with thank-yous, loyalty cards, and other easy reminders to do business with you. Statistics show that it is cost effective to maintain those business relationships. Not only will it save you money to show your appreciation to clients, it will also give you good word-of-mouth advertising, which is priceless.

Printer’s Press

With all the marketing noise that comes at your customers each day, you need something that has some staying power.

The wide range of articles in the four-page Printer’s Press direct mail newsletter is just what you need to stand out and get noticed.

This month’s Printer’s Press includes:

  • Help for Managing Expectations
  • Travel Packing Hacks
  • Tips for Avoiding Digital Eye Strain

All this, plus a tasty recipe, trivia, and top-ten list, are just part of what makes Printer’s Press an ideal choice for marketing your company.

Ideas Collection

Did you know that subscribers to the websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers get content automatically updated to their website or WordPress plugin every month?

This month, the latest Ideas Collection tip is a technical tip on Understanding Typographic Emphasis and Hierarchy.

When communicating your message through design, your readers need your help to determine the importance of design elements on the page.

For example, you might make your call-to-action section larger or more visually striking while putting the minute details in a smaller font that doesn’t draw much attention.

Solving problems of emphasis using type and hierarchy is a critical skill and not as complicated as some might have you believe. Hierarchies will not only make your overall design more appealing, but they will help you communicate the primary and secondary information easily.

Here are some tips for doing typographic hierarchy well… Continue Reading

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