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No matter which path is best for your business, the right solution is waiting for you in the all-new content available now! Don’t work harder; work smarter and let these powerhouse projects do the work for you. Take a look!

National Direct Mail

National Direct Mail is a great option for your national marketing campaigns. With no use restrictions, you are free to use the content wherever you please, both online and offline!

The June issue (available for download now) encourages your print buyers to put their name front and center with the staying power of labels, clings and magnets, and your help. Make a great impression while at the same time helping your customers create an impossible-to-ignore presence through print marketing.

Pair a powerful direct mail piece along with the included social media and email marketing content, and you have a powerhouse marketing campaign each and every month with National Direct Mail.

Printer’s Press

Printer’s Press is our number one selling package, and this month’s issue will show you why.

So much of the sales revenue your print company brings in depends on the small ways you keep your name in front of customers. How will they think of you first if they aren’t reminded of all you can do for them? That same rings true for your print buyers.

Simple marketing tools like sell sheets, rack cards, and table tents can go a long way in creating front-of-mind awareness. Let your audience know that you can put these tools to work for their company and would love to show them how!

And, of course, don’t miss the other great content in the latest issue of Printer’s Press, including tips for making mid-year resolutions, travel tips, a recipe for mixed berry bruschetta, and a whole lot more!

Business Forum

Customers are always budget-conscious, and this month’s Business Forum shows them how they can use a few tricks to save some money on their printing projects. This issue is also packed with gems like how to show dad the same kind of love on Father’s Day as mom gets on Mother’s Day and an article dedicated to men’s health month.  June’s book pick is about learning how to become a Key Person of Influence that can guide you to becoming a leader in your industry or community.

From overcoming workplace challenges to incorporating team building in your regular team meetings, the Business Forum is filled with great articles and print project ideas this month, as it is every month.

Coffee Break

Did you know that July is National Anti-Boredom Month? And you thought July’s only significance was the birth of our nation.

Coffee Break is a boredom-busting compact mailer that is packed with humor, interesting facts and tidbits, as well as reminders for customers to come to you for all their printing needs.

Don’t miss Coffee Break’s unique way to connect with customers through fun jokes and quips like these:

  • “Why aren’t koalas actual bears? They don’t meet the koalafications.”
  • “I waited and stayed up all night and tried to figure out where the sun was. Then it dawned on me.”


The June theme for the FastStart mailer and postcard is the enticing features of newsletters, reminding customers that a printed newsletter has the kind of staying power that a digital newsletter can never experience.

After all, you can’t delete something you can hold in your hand.

Print is reliable and trustworthy, and FastStart’s mailer and postcard duo is the perfect combination to showcase that. 80 percent of people read the printed newsletters they receive from companies they have relationships with, so challenge your customers to build their brand loyalty through consistent newsletters today.

Local Edge

The perfect postcard has arrived.

The simple yet sleek Local Edge postcard reminds customers that they have you in their corner. You’re willing to do the hard work for them while they can relax and have fun in the sun.

Drive projects to your door by delivering this marketing tool into the hands of your customers. Get your Local Edge package today and make your own mark on your customers. This postcard makes it easy to continue building your printing business, all while remaining laser-focused on your customers.

Ideas Collection

Reciprocal value, relevance, and respectful empathy.

These are three things that are necessary to reach this entitled generation of consumers. It’s not a cliché, younger generations of adults really have grown up with the world at their fingertips, and successful messaging to this group must follow a certain path to be effective.

Ensure your brand’s place in their world, attract and keep business coming in, and more in the latest Ideas Collection tip available on every Base Website from Marketing Ideas For Printers or through WordPress plugin.

New White Paper: Sway Emotions with the Psychology of Color

If you entered a neon orange room, would it feel different than if you entered a room that was all white?

Of course! That’s because colors can bypass rational thought and speak straight to the subconscious. As painter Wassily Kandinsky once said, “color directly influences the soul.”

In this white paper, your print buyers will see how colors can evoke emotions, spur spontaneity, and accurately communicate their brand’s most cherished attributes. They’ll get to probe the subconscious messaging of nine specific colors, explore how brands worldwide employ the power of color each day, and know that you’re just the company to help them do it!

Looking for great content like this for your print website? White papers are an excellent tool to help you sell more printing. Available as a standard website add-on or via WordPress plugin.

Generate More Business with Less Effort

The goal is simple, great marketing leads to great results.

You deserve the chance to benefit from the thought and design that goes into each of these pieces every month. Don’t work harder; work smarter. Get started with content that will accelerate your business and help you sell more printing.