Grab New Sales – No Selling Required

If you are learning something new, you are moving forward, and it’s that forward momentum that will help you thrive.

The latest content packages from Marketing Ideas For Printers are ready for you to drive new customers and get them thinking of you as a trusted provider. These little gems help you grab new sales without the drudgery of “selling.” Check out the latest issues.

National Direct Mail

Get personal with the latest issue of National Direct Mail, focusing on personalized service and your personal promise to deliver. National Direct Mail offers a great reminder for your print buyers that you are a full-service printer that can customize any order to their exact needs. Boost your design services with this month’s coupon theme and build your emailing list.

The best part of National Direct Mail is how easy it is to send to any and every zip code in the country. No restrictions! This package is ready to go right now!

Printer’s Press

A great label tells you everything you need to know about a product, and the September issue of Printer’s Press encourages customers to think about their printed labels in a way that works hard for them.

Printer’s Press also has a little time for fun. Learn a few trivia facts, dream of a get-a-way to see fall foliage, or level up your grilling skills. This compact package is ready to woo your print buyers.

Business Forum

This longer-form newsletter is eight pages packed with interest and business articles. Filled with print inspiration, September’s issue of the Business Forum reminds your print customers that you are ready to print up vivid case studies and help their presentations come to life.

Don’t miss the opportunity to help your clients with business know-how and offer a little laughter for their business workdays.

Coffee Break

Try this tongue twister: How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?

If that one was easy, beware of the list that will tie your tongue in a bow so tight you’ll need help to undo it.

This September issue of Coffee Break is sure to entertain, filled with jokes, October’s calendar, and a quick reminder for quality printing.


A quick postcard to remind customers that a quick postcard sells, FastStart can make all the difference today.

People are looking for easy and fast ways to keep business going, and you know as well as we do that postcards are one of the best opportunities to bring in sales.

The September issue of FastStart includes both a postcard option and a mailer that focuses on how easy it is to get a message out to customers and how successful direct mail marketing can be. Get started making some fast sales today.

Local Edge

Businesses that “show” their individuality and uniqueness through their brand have a distinct advantage over their competitors.

The latest issue of Local Edge is focused on creativity and standing out from the competition. This postcard reminds your print buyers that you can help fill their design needs as well as their printing needs.

White Paper: Gain Undying Loyalty

How do you create a loyal following or loyal customer base? This does not have to be an elusive concept any more with our latest white paper offering.

“Gain Undying Loyalty by Building a Business Customers Love” is one more great piece of content you can leverage for your business. This is the unicorn in the room that every business owner or operator is striving to create.

Get access to this White Paper Content today and include it in your rich content offerings to build your own base of loyal customers.

Ideas Collection

How many times have you received a file that is just not going to print well?

With so many people learning their design skills from simply opening a program and figuring it out, there’s potential for some pretty big mistakes when designing their items for print.

The Ideas Collection tip for this month will break down the difference between vector and raster file formats. It will help your print buyers discover the reasons that they need to use one kind of file over the other, and just perhaps, reduce those phone calls you have to make explaining that their print project is going to look pixelated.

Want a complete tip library for your website? Check out the Ideas Collection available on every website from Marketing Ideas For Printers or via WordPress Plugin.

Content – Covered!

Content is our specialty and driving sales to your door is how we love to help our customers.

Being able to concentrate on what you do best is only a click away.  Download samples below or contact us today to get started, and leave the content to us.