Keep Your Name on Top With Content for Printers

When your customers think of excellence in printing, does your name immediately come to mind?

Fall is an excellent time to refresh your image, making you the creative professional your customers think of first. Here is some of the terrific content coming your way in the September issues (available now!) to help you rank top in class!

[New White Paper!] Dynamic Influence: Becoming a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Would you like to increase your strategic visibility, advance your career, or create top-of-mind awareness for your business?

Thought leadership requires a combination of tools, experience, and effort. The latest white paper provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers is now available and features three strategies to grow visibility and 10 content tools your clients can use to expand influence. The personal and professional benefits of thought leadership are considerable:

“Positive exposure creates a snowball effect: influencers receive invitations to join corporate boards, experience increased opportunity for promotion or awards, gain access to people, and participate in industry-changing leadership roles . . . People who excel in their purpose as leaders are invigorated as they shape policies, set precedents, mentor people, and create models for others to emulate. An enduring legacy is one of the greatest personal accomplishments you can achieve.”

Want to see a sample of the latest white paper? Click here.

Printer’s Press

This month we highlight back-to-school hacks, Wisconsin’s stunning Apostle Islands, and a team of Berkeley engineers working to develop robots that clean your house.

The September Printer’s Press also touts the many benefits of posters:

“Liven up your storefront windows, promote new products and sales, or provide informational signage throughout your business with big color posters. These high-impact, versatile marketing tools allow you to display your expertise in living color! Not only do posters and wide-format signs grab attention and increase sales at your business, but they are also a portable marketing tool that is great for trade shows and other marketing events. Posters are the perfect messaging solution.”

Business Forum

Business Forum is all about making print – AND PRINTERS – look good!

This month’s newsletter busts some false myths on print sustainability practices, features print products and practices to train fantastic employees, and offers a book review on what is a design hack in itself! (Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative.)

Business Forum keeps your image sharp and offers your clients practical reputation builders like these:

“When your company needs to make a great first impression, there’s no better way to combine functionality and branding than with professionally printed presentation folders.”


Want to help clients hit the marketing sweet spot?

The September FastStart may inspire their next mailing with radiant custom postcards:

“If you want people to recognize your brand, it won’t happen overnight. Experts say it takes at least 7 impressions over 18 months for prospects to start remembering your company. Expand your influence with postcards that feature seasonal greetings, valuable coupons, trade show take-homes, or handwritten thank you options. Inexpensive and easy to print, postcards are your flexible marketing tool of choice!”

Local Edge

Recently the USPS found that 47% of Millennials check their physical mailbox each day, and response rates to direct mail for those ages 18-21 are as high as 12.4%.

Help your clients sculpt an eye-catching identity in the mail or in person with the collaborative design process of creative local print. This month’s Local Edge inspires your customers to push boundaries with exceptional graphics, clever color combinations, and innovative, smart ideas.

Coffee Break

Sometimes love can be painful.

Keep the affections of your clients coming this month with some of these “hurts so good” Coffee Break groaners:

  •     What do you call a parade of rabbits hopping backwards? A receding hare-line.
  •     What does Charles Dickens keep in his spice rack? The best of thymes, the worst of thymes.
  •     If there was a pill to cure procrastination . . . I would probably take it tomorrow.

Ideas Collection

Have you ever been confused by a billboard where one word seems to bleed into the next?

Or struggled to “decode” text that was so crowded you needed a magnifying glass to proceed? This month’s tech tip, added to the Ideas Collection of every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, teaches your clients to fine-tune kerning, tracking, and leading in Adobe InDesign.

Character and line spacing are like frosting – a final touch that makes all the difference. Help your readers master these elements to create designs that are well proportioned, readable, and appealing.

Invest in the Best

Your customers make buying decisions every day based on one factor: who comes to mind.

Your brand shines through the strength of your content, so present yourself in the best possible way with our superior digital and print pieces this September.

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