How to Succeed at Copywriting

Flat Out of Luck

Imagine yourself stuck in the ditch with a flat tire and no tools. To your relief, someone pulls over to help. A handyman – what luck! He takes a long look at your tire, empathizes with your inconvenience, and hands you an instruction book for fixing broken toasters. Wishing you luck, he roars away. What is wrong with this situation? Right person – a handyman. Right timing – the moment of crisis. Wrong SOLUTION for the problem at hand.

In marketing, sometimes we make a similar mistake by “fixing” a problem a person doesn’t realize they have. Copywriting legend Robert Collier coaches communicators to meet readers where they’re at before offering solutions, reminding us to “join the conversation that is already taking place in the reader’s mind.”

“PASTOR” Your Audience to Keep Them Engaged

How do we do this? It starts with a shepherding mentality, seeking to care for prospects in each step of their journey. The March marketing tip, added to every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printing, uses the PASTOR acronym for copywriting that keeps them engaged:

“P” = Person, Problem, and Pain
Identify the particular person you’re seeking; clarify their problem and call out the pain they feel.

“A” = Amplify and Aspirations
Motivating decisions is tough, so amplify pain points before painting the picture of paradise you can provide.

“S” = Story, Solution, and System
Tell a story that compels the reader to root for a win, to project themselves as the story’s hero, or to empathize with the pain you share.

“T” = Transformation and Testimony
Illustrate solutions, transformations, and truthful testimonies that drive home the idea of success.

“O” = Offer
Make a solid offer, including the service, terms, or available benefits.

“R” = Response
Be very specific, giving readers precise directions to achieve their transformation.

When you provide the PASTOR copywriting framework to your clients, you provide the natural steps your “flock” needs to make a decision. Lead them to the finish line and your sales will naturally blossom!

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